This modified Bajaj Avenger is actually a FIREFIGHTER [Video]

Most of you would have seen the various tastefully modified custom motorcycles we’ve featured on Cartoq. These motorcycles are generally based on motorcycles like the Royal Enfield and the Bajaj Avenger. Today, once again, we have come up with a video and details of a modified Bajaj Avenger. This motorcycle, however, doesn’t feature your typical mod job. Instead, it has been converted into a fire brigade that can be used to provide firefighting services in congested areas. This motorcycle has been modified by Road Rage Custom Builds.

What’s this Bajaj Avenger-based Fire Engine all about?

This firefighter is based on a 2018 Bajaj Avenger Street 220 and is registered in the name of a private company in Navi Mumbai. Basically, the motorcycle carries firefighting equipment that allows firemen to work efficiently in the smallest of the nooks that are generally inaccessible to large fire engines. Also, fire engines are prone to get stuck in city traffic owing to their large dimensions. This Avenger, however, can easily tackle the road congestion and can even use narrow lanes to reach the fire site. It can be used to limit the damage caused by the fire and keep situations under a check before larger fire tending vehicles reach the site.

The motorcycle gets a red paint scheme, which is the typical colour of the firefighting vehicles. As you can see in the video, this Avenger carries two large backpack-type fire extinguishers. These can be used to produce a mist to create a water blanket over the fire and insulate it from the surrounding oxygen. This, in turn, extinguishes the fire. If nothing else, it can definitely prevent the fire from spreading further.

Other than this, the motorcycle also gets a set of flicker lights, hooter, a first-aid box, and a public address system. The motorcycle also gets custom foot-pegs to enable the pillion rider to sit comfortably in spite of the motorcycle carrying the large fire extinguishers. There’s also a storage box to store other equipment.

Are more such ‘Fire Engine Bullets’ already in operation?

Yes, this isn’t the first time that a motorcycle has been converted into a fire engine. Similar motorcycles are already being used in several parts of the country including Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. We even featured a Royal Enfield Bullet-based fire engine back in 2016. These motorcycles have proven to be very useful in situations where it’s not possible for a large fire truck to reach quickly. It takes roughly Rs 5.50 lakh to equip a motorcycle with the firefighting equipment. A special permission needs to be taken from the Regional Traffic Office (RTO) to carry out this modification.

Video courtesy- MotoMahal on Youtube