This modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 is called BULLDOG, and it actually looks as angry!

While the Bajaj Pulsar 220 has been the choice of many motorcycle customisers, the modified P220 you see here has to be the most extreme modification of the motorcycle we’ve seen so far. This P220 has been modified to a Cafe Racer by Visakhapatnam based WildCraft Motorcycles. They have named their creation as the “BULLDOG”. Thanks to the several modifications this motorcycle carries, it’s next to impossible to make out the original identity of the motorcycle. There is no information on the mechanical upgrades this bike carries. Hence, it would be safe to assume that the engine has been left in its stock state.

However, the chassis has been suitably modified for the distinct cafe racer stance. Also, all the body panels have been replaced to mask the original identity of the motorcycle. Upfront, you get a Royal Enfield Continental GT-sourced headlight with a new housing for a stretched look. The front indicators have been integrated into the handlebar. The clip-on handlebar has also been sourced from a Royal Enfield Cafe Racer.

In the side-profile, you’ll notice a long custom fuel tank, LED bulldog logos, original alloy wheels, golden front-forks, a massive engine cowl, flat seat, custom exhaust, and a sleek rear cowl. There’s also a custom-made toolbox with a brass cap. Moreover, there’s a separate oil supply for the chain sprocket for lubrication purpose. The motorcycle’s ignition key is placed under the seat. There’s also a mobile pouch with charging cable on the battery box. Finally, the motorcycle also gets a custom-made carbon-fibre engine cover and radiator cover. There are 120/80R17-spec tyres for both the rims.

While this isn’t the best cafe racer modification we’ve seen so far, we need to mention that the customisers have been successful with giving the Pulsar 220 a huge makeover. This modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 is also among the meanest-looking P220 modifications we’ve seen so far.

via  MotoMahan on YouTube