This modified Ford Endeavour SUV is pure MUSCLE

Ford Endeavour is butch looking SUV that finds many buyers in the market. It comes with pure American looks and stands out even in the sea of vehicles on the road. There are many modified examples of the Ford Endeavour but most of them are quite subtle. Here is one that looks butch and can really turn heads.

The modification job has been displayed in this beautifully shot video that shows the essence of the vehicle. The modifications make the vehicle look kickass and it gets a long list of modifications. The new-generation Ford Endeavour gets Ironman 4X4 Foamcell Pro Suspension system. The stock grille has been replaced with a new and updated Ford Raptor inspired grille that adds more muscle to the vehicle. The bonnet has also been replaced with a custom hood. The vehicle looks much wider now with customised fenders.

To give it more capability, the modders have added Safari off-roading snorkel to the vehicle, which also acts as a catalyst to the muscular look. Further, the vehicle gets super rally auxiliary lamps mounted on the bumper. The lamps are very powerful and are sourced from IPF. There are six LED lamps placed on the windscreen of the SUV that makes night expeditions a fun job. The ALLExtreme LED lamps work exceptionally well in dark conditions and are used by many off-road enthusiasts. It also gets Aeroblade racks from Thule that makes it very muscular. An L-shaped antenna also makes the vehicle looks brutish. To complete the mod job and make it look muscular, it gets 20-inch Black Rhino wheels wrapped in 285/50/R20 A/T rubber.

This modified Ford Endeavour SUV is pure MUSCLE

It is not known if the Endeavour gets performance modifications or not. In stock form, the Endeavour gets two engine options. There is a 2.2-litre diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 158 Bhp and 385 Nm of peak torque. This one gets the only 4X2 drive layout and comes with an automatic transmission only. There is a more powerful 3.2-litre engine that generates a maximum power of 197 Bhp and 470 Nm. It comes with both 4X4 and 4X2 options. It is also available with only an automatic transmission. Earlier, the Endeavour used to come with manual transmission too.