This modified Hero MotoCorp Splendor costs Rs 2 lakh! [Video]

Hero Splendor is the largest selling motorcycle in the world. While it is purely an entry-level commuter motorcycle, there are a few enthusiasts who have modified the motorcycles. Here are two such Hero Splendor motorcycles that have been modified completely and look entirely different from the stock bike.

According to the video put up by Master Butter, the bikes were modified were close to Rs 2 lakh! It is a lot of amount for a motorcycle that costs around Rs 50,000. The bike gets a host of changes and does not resemble the stock bike at all. The transformation job also involves chopping off the chassis of the bike and making the bike shorter in length. The tail section has been cut off cleanly and the bike can only accommodate the rider now.

Other changes include a new fuel tank, which looks like it has been taken from the Bajaj Pulsar. Also, the side panels are lifted from the Pulsar. The rear suspension of the bike is not gas-charged, we are not sure about the donor bike here but again, it looks like it has been lifted from the Bajaj Pulsar too. Also, the alloy wheels of the bike are from Pulsar and they have been painted in dual-tone.

At the front, a lot of changes can be seen. The bike gets a customised headlamp, which looks like a skeleton skull. It would not be quite effective to use at night because the throw from them is awful but they sure look good and turn the heads on the roads. The most highlighted change in this bike is the exhaust. The aftermarket exhaust of the bike is extremely loud and make the bike sound like a 2-stroke. However, it remains powered by the stock Splendor engine and no changes have been made to the engine.

This modified Hero MotoCorp Splendor costs Rs 2 lakh! [Video]

The bike also gets an aftermarket handlebar, which changes the riding position completely. It seems like the bikes have been developed for stunting. The size of the front and the rear tyre have been upgraded too. Both front and rear tyres are now much wider. Also, aftermarket disc brakes have been installed in the front wheel of the bike but the rear brake is the stock drum brake.

It should be noted that such modifications may look good to some of the onlookers but all of them are illegal modifications. Such modified motorcycles cannot be used on public roads. If the police catch them, the bikes will be seized. In Delhi, the state police are currently doing a special run to catch the Bullet bikes with an aftermarket exhaust.