This modified Hindustan Contessa is as good as it can get

We have been covering many modified Contessas and bringing them to you in past. Some of them looked great, some drove nicely while some were good to be in. Today however we bring you a Contessa which has all those attributes rolled in one. This conversion has been tastefully done by SUN Enterprises which is based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. They have been doing many other mod jobs for quite a long time, but this is easily among their best.

Hindustan Contessa Modified 1

For those who are not familiar with the Contessa, it can be said to be India’s first and only indigenous muscle car. Though the company, Hindustan Motors, based the car upon Vauxhall VX, they did quite a commendable job to make it as Indian as possible. It was launched in 1984 and continued its stint until 2002.

Coming back to this lovely modified piece, let’s first talk about changes on the outside. As a start, the car now gets custom made front bumper and grille unit. The thick white metal chunk running along the length of the car at front gives it a distinct, cool look. The headlights too are custom made and feature different lighting along with circular light rings.

Hindustan Contessa Modified 2

Coming to the rear, the stock bumper has gone and in comes a customised unit in its place. Another striking feature is the three-unit circular tail lamps which look retro and modern at the same time and add to the overall character of the car.

Hindustan Contessa Modified 3

The Contessa now rides on 17” alloy wheels and comes shod with 215/45/R17 tyres. The rims look very good and modern and are among the best part of the car. The car has been given a full glossy paint job, which looks striking.

Hindustan Contessa Modified 5

On the mechanical bits, the car gets the HM MPFI petrol engine, retained bone stock. It also now comes with power steering. On the inside, the car features a custom made dashboard which lends an upmarket feel inside. The seats are also custom-made leather ones with diamond quilted pattern. Other notable changes include new door pads, a robust AC unit, centre locking, and the much-needed power windows.

Hindustan Contessa Modified 6

Another area where this mod job excels is in car entertainment system. The car now gets an Alpine touchscreen, Alpine component speakers in front and Alpine co axial speakers at the rear. It further gets rocked by an Alpine 4 channel Amplifier, Alpine Subwoofer, custom made boot panels and ambient lightning to boot.

Hindustan Contessa Modified 4

It can be said that this Contessa is easily among the better ones to roam our roads. It’s not only been altered aesthetically but also on all other grounds. Radical, ain’t it!