This modified Hindustan Motors Contessa sedan with green paint job looks neat [Video]

Hindustan Motors is an iconic brand and was a very popular in Indian market from 70’s to 90’s. Hindustan Motors Ambassador was one of the most popular vehicle from the manufacturer followed by Contessa which was also a sedan. Contessa is a sedan but it had a design language that resembled a lot with muscle cars. The four door sedan is now a popular car among collectors and some of them even have got this sedan completely modified to look like a muscle car. We have featured many well-kept and modified Contessa sedan on our website in the past. Here we have a video that shows a neatly customised Contessa in green shade.

The video has been uploaded by Evotech Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video the vlogger talks about all the modification that were done to the car. It looks like the owner of this car was completely restoring the car to his taste. He starts with the front. The front grille on this Contessa remains the same as stock but, the HM logo on the grille was replaced with a Shelby logo. The headlamps are round units and there is a gloss black garnish around it. Coming to the front bumper, the stock unit has been replaced with a custom made unit finished in chrome.

A set of LED fog lamps have also been installed below the chrome bumper. The main attraction on this Contessa however is the paint job itself. The owner has opted for a Green shade that was typically seen on muscle cars. The Green paint definitely helps enhance the look of the car. Coming to the side profile, the stock rims on Contessa were replaced with 15 inch units from a Mahindra Xylo. The steel rims were modified in such a manner that it looks like spoke wheels. The other modification on the side profile include brushed aluminium garnishes around the window, ORVMs from a Bajaj Avenger motorcycle and chrome finished door handles and lower window garnish. An aftermarket turn indicator has also been installed on the fender. This is not present in the car originally.

This modified Hindustan Motors Contessa sedan with green paint job looks neat [Video]

Just like at the front, rear bumper on this Contessa has also been finished in Chrome and is a custom made unit. The stock tail lamps are also placed at the rear and Shelby logo can also be seen here. A manual antenna can be seen on the boot. Work on this Contessa has not finished yet and that is why some of the parts like windsceeen wipers are missing from the vehicle. Vlogger then moves in and shows the interior of the car. The owner has completely customsied the cabin in Black and Brown dual-tone shade.

There are leather wrapped on door pads and seats. The dashboard also gets leather wrap and plastic panels on the car are painted brown. The steering wheel, instrument cluster are all kept stock. The AC switches have a retro look to them. Another addition to this Contessa is an electric sunroof. Vlogger mentions that this unit was taken from Opel Astra. Overall, the car looks pretty neat with all these customisations.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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