This modified Hyundai Elantra is an absolute head turner

Hyundai Elantra is one of the last executive sedans that you can get in the Indian market. It has been on sale in our country for a really long time. Despite not being a great seller, Hyundai kept updating the Elantra. Here is an older generation of the Elantra that has been heavily modified both cosmetically and mechanically. The pictures have been clicked by _ikshusakariya_ while the modification job was done by the Fantastic Car Zone.

The whole look of the Elantra has been changed. It has a new bumper which is much more aggressive than the stock one. The same goes for the rear bumper which has also been upgraded for a more aggressive one. This is a part of the JGTC Aerodynamic Full ABS Bodykit that has been installed on the sedan. The stock headlamps and tail lamps have also been replaced for LED units that give a more angry stance to the car. The headlamps use a projector set up to increase the throw of the headlight and they also house the LED Daytime Running Lamp.

The Elantra has been repainted in a Yellow colour inspired by Lamborghini’s paint schemes. Lamborghini calls this paint Giallo Spica. The paint job when combined with blacked-out elements looks very attractive and enhances the road presence of the car. The Elantra here has also gone through chrome delete. So, all the chrome elements on the car such as badging and window belts have been wrapped in black.

The front brake pads are also now coloured in Yellow to match the rest of the car. It also runs on different after-market alloy wheels. They measure 18-inches in size and are AD-F1 M5 that are sourced from AD Wheels. The new alloy wheels use Advan Sport tyres from Yokohama.

A lot of work has been done on improving aerodynamics. It has a diffuser, vortex generator on the roof, a spoiler mounted on the boot and wind splitters on the front fenders. The shop has also worked on reducing body weight by using some carbon fibre panels. There are also two ducts placed on the roof which is inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago.

There are also hosts of mechanical upgrades to the car. It gets a Stage 1+ Custom ECU Tune for the engine. The stock air intake system has been replaced by a BMC unit that helps the engine breathe better and aids in better combustion. The stock exhaust has been replaced by an Akrapovic Carbon Fiber Exhaust System which not only helps in reducing the weight but also sounds awesome.

The cabin of the Elantra has also been redone so that it provides a more sporty appearance. The interior now comes with black and yellow colour to match the exterior. It gets custom-designed Stanley leather upholstery. The stock steering wheel now has been wrapped in Alcantara. It also comes with an upgraded audio system from Avan Acoustics. The roofliner’s colour has been changed to black and now it comes with starlights and shooting stars. This feature is currently only offered by Rolls Royce.