This modified Hyundai Elantra is the WILDEST one we’ve ever seen [Video]

Hyundai Elantra sedan is a popular sedan around the world. The D-Segment sedan in India has many buyers and it looks sporty too. While modifications are legally now allowed in India, there are a few modified examples of the Hyundai Elantra in India too but this one right here is the most extreme one that you will ever see. This modification job is not from India but it sure gives us the modification goals.

The video does not list all the modifications that have been done to this car. However, we have done our best to list them here. Starting with the front of the car, the Elantra has been modified with an aftermarket body kit and the Hyundai logo has been replaced with a Batman moniker in the front. There is also an underbody spoiler. Moving to the side, the modification job on this Elantra becomes nothing less than crazy.

The body of the Elantra has been extended by a few inches and it gets gullwing rear doors and scissor front doors! All the doors are electrically controlled and they can be seen operating on their own. Also, the extended body can retract using hydraulics, which is something we have not spotted in any modified car yet. It also gets a wide body kit with massive multispoke rims.

This modified Hyundai Elantra is the WILDEST one we’ve ever seen [Video]

Just like toy cars, this Elantra has a revolving stand that comes out of the bottom and makes the car move on its axis. It is something that we have seen for the first time on a modified car. Even the cabin has been modified thoroughly and it gets blue and black themed upholstery. The rear passengers also get to use two individual screens for entertainment. The vehicle gets low profile tyres and there is hydraulics to lower it down.

In India, modifications on a car that makes structural changes are banned. There are many vehicles that have been seized by the cops in the past for illegal modifications. Even the cars that have been modified to perform better on off-road courses are seized by the cops and the owners have to pay hefty fines and remove all the aftermarket accessories from the vehicle. The authorities claim that modifications can alter the strength of the car’s body and can cause accidents.

However, there are still many who modify their vehicles to make them look different from the others. Common modifications in India include wide body kit and all other visual appearance enhancers. The mechanical modifications are quite rare.