This modified Jeep has India’s FATTEST car tyres, & it’s for sale [Video]

Jeeps with big modification jobs are a common sight on Indian roads. In fact Jeep is one of the most modified vehicles of our country and has a large cult following. We have in past brought you almost all types of modified jeeps roaming on our roads, ranging from low-riders, rat rods to mighty 6×6 and monster Jeeps.

However, today we bring you a video which claims to show a jeep with the widest tyres on any Jeep in India. Take a look at the video to find out.

Well, the tyres are humongous for sure if not he fattest around. In the video we see a Jeep with super wide tyres shod on golden rims being hauled around on the roads. The Jeep looks made from scratch with the front fascia resembling a Willys. The rear tail light is taken from Mahindra Bolero and same is the story with rest of the car.

While the thick, fat tyres look quite good and raise up the coolness quotient quite a bit, they pose various problems. First and the most apparent among them is the issue of handling. With such a wide footprint on road, the vehicle does not remain as agile in corners as it would be with normal tyres.

Also, the turning radius also takes a hit as apparent in the video too. Another major issue is the  effect on the fuel economy, which goes down due to such tyres. Along with this, speed and acceleration figures go down if the car is equipped with extra wide tyres.

This modified Jeep has India’s FATTEST car tyres, & it’s for sale [Video]

This set of tyres along with the rims cost around Rs. 1 lakh as shown in the video. Also, the Jeep is up for sale and is pegged at Rs. 3 lakh. It has a Mahindra DI engine and the video claims it has a power steering, though we only see a Maruti 800 unit installed. Top speed for the Jeep is said to be at around 70 to 80 kmph which is decent considering the size of tyres it’s running on. There’s a seating space for four people on board though the rear occupants may complain for legroom.

Such modifications do look cool and will make many head turns on the street, but take our word for it, they are a pain to run and maintain if you plan to keep one for a long duration. Also, they are best suited for weekend outings rather than daily grocery runs.