This Modified Maruti Gypsy puts out 400 BHP!

The Gypsy was one of the popular off-road vehicle sold by India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki. The production of the Gypsy has been stopped and the manufacturer might now bring the Jimny as a replacement in the Indian market in some time. Just like in the case of Mahindra Thar, it is hard to find a Maruti Gypsy in its stock condition. Even though Maruti has stopped production of this SUV, there are still some great examples around in the country. Here we have one such modified Gypsy that is capable of generating a maximum power of up to 400 Bhp.

This is not a regular modified Gypsy and was specially developed to be used in a rally. The work on this Gypsy was done by  Banglore based Engineering Exponent and 6th Mile Customs. As this is a rally-spec SUV, there is a lot going on in the vehicle itself. Even though the design of the vehicles looks pretty much the same as that of a regular Gypsy, modifications like rally spec wheels and tyres, strengthened axle tubes, IronMan leaf spring, leaf spacers and so on.

All these modifications makes Gypsy this more compatible with the surface on which it would be driven regularly. The major change or the upgrade that this Gypsy gets is the engine itself. The engine was built by Engineering Exponent (EE) and uses a bigger turbo. The 1,361 cc, G13 engine is currently generating 172 Bhp. The power in the car has been limited due to the regulation but can easily produce upto 400 Bhp which is huge jump in terms of power for a Gypsy.

The experts had also thought of the heat management as this monster gets a custom radiator and cooling shrouds with a twin fan system. braided PTFE oil and water lines for the turbo and oil cooler and the gaskets for the turbo and exhaust are made out of notched copper. This example had participated in the 2019 K1000 Rally for the first time and had secured second place which is commendable. If the axle tube on this Gypsy had not got bent on the last day of the event, there were high chances that it could have taken the top spot. Do note that such heavily modified vehicles are not street legal. It’s impractical to make these vehicles street legal because of byzantine regulations that make seeking type approval from ARAI and RTO almost impossible.

Via Motoroids