This modified, new Mahindra XUV500 wants to be an Audi Q7 [Video]

In its second generation now, the XUV500 is one of the best mid-ranger SUV in the market now. With its menacing looks and powerful engine, the SUV seems to have gained a place in customers’ hearts. Add comfortable interiors and efficiency, it certainly is a win-win package for all. There are many aftermarket kits and fitments available in the market for the XUV500. They come in all shapes and sizes and fit every price range. However, today we bring you a video which shows an XUV500 wearing a different kind of a bullbar and looking quite good. Let’s take a look at the video.

The car featured in the video is the latest generation of the XUV500. It is fitted with a smart-looking, body coloured (white in this case) bullbar. This bullbar leaves behind the usual norm set up by the others. Instead of being butch and intimidating, this one looks clean and has a subtle design. It sits very nicely on the front part of the car and instead of taking away the original look of the car, the bullbar actually compliments it.

This bullbar is made up of the usual metal affair but has been covered in plastic to enhance the look. The metal gives the structure usual rigidity and strength but the plastic makes it more upmarket. The bullbar covers almost the whole front facia of the car, from near the headlights and foglights to the grille. The grille and the air dam are surrounded by it.

This modified, new Mahindra XUV500 wants to be an Audi Q7 [Video]

The bullbar also features a small flag mount on its top-centre portion. The flag mount is a sculpted unit which is bolted tightly to the bullbar structure, hence making it less prone to shuddering and breaking. It also lends more character to the car.

The XUV500 in itself is quite a nice SUV but this addition makes it more menacing and improves its physical stance. It also makes your vehicle look different from the crowd of other XUV500s roaming around. One of the plus points of this bullbar, which makes it different from others, is the fact that it’s very stylish to look at and features good aesthetics. Want to make your car look different, get one today.