This modified Royal Enfield Continental GT is the perfect tool for the Urban Jungle

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is among the best bikes one can buy under the Rs. 3 lakh price mark. The level of refinement along with the amount of power the bike has cannot be matched by many in that price range. However, the Conti GT 650 had a sibling prior to its arrival in the market. Called the GT535, it had the same body design and chassis but had a smaller 535 cc engine. Now, J&D Custom Co, who go by the name of jdcustomco on Instagram, have created a  mean looking version of the Continental GT 535 and the bike looks truly radical.

Royal Enfield Gt 535

Called the Continental GT Tracker by its builders, this Royal Enfield mod job has taken cues from the world of the scrambler along with flat track bikes and moulded them in a single form, combining the bike’s original cafe racer genes while at it. The end result is a badass two-wheeled tool meant to take on the urban jungle and then some. Among the most catchy changes on the bike is the front headlamp assembly, which is now two independent lamps embedded in a flat face metal plate. The front fender has been blacked out while the rear fender has been let go off completely.

The handlebars too are new units and not the clip-ons found on the stock bike. The handgrips match the colour of the saddle which is a fine detailing element enhancing the overall aesthetic value of the bike. The tank is a far cry from the bulky stock unit and is covered with a coat of matte black paint. In fact, the whole bike has been draped in black with a mix of matte and glossy finish. The single piece saddle matches the personality of the bike while the rear hump reminds one of its cafe racer origins.

Re Gt 535 Mod

The exhaust pipe is a new unit which we believe would throw out some loud and sonorous notes. The GT Tracker is designed to be very practical and powerful along with being comfortable for its rider. Almost all of the excess mass of the bike has been removed to make the bike lighter in weight and hence more flickable.

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 is powered by a  535 cc, four-stroke engine that churned out 29.1 Bhp of power along with 44 Nm of torque. Before the company brought the bigger Continental GT 650, the GT 535 was the flagship product of Royal Enfield along with being the most powerful too. It brought with it a different type of riding experience through its cafe racer body design. To let you know, the GT 535 is among the few Indians bikes to be made as a cafe racer. This mod job here has turned the beauty into its more macho avatar and it looks cool for sure.

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