This modified Royal Enfield Continental GT looks like an old-school Ducati!

Seen here is a modified Royal Enfield Continental GT that has been done up by an Indonesian mod-shop by the name of ‘White Collar Bikes’. Yes, Indonesia is known for the many low-capacity scooters and mopeds that dot the country’s rather badly planned road network. However, there is a rather not-so-small part of their motorcycling scene that deals with some incredible custom motorcycles.

modified royal enfield continental gt images front angle

Many motorcycle customizers in Indonesia showcase their best creations at the country’s Kustomfest, which is basically an annual Indonesian Custom Culture festival that is held in Yogyakarta in October. The modified Royal Enfield Continental GT you see on this page made its debut at the last Kustomfest. As you can see, the front-end of this motorcycle is characterized by a huge half-fairing that is responsible for giving this Conti its own distinct identity. This fairing houses a round headlamp that holds LED fixtures. We are sure that the fairing can protect the rider from the wind blast at high speeds. The sleek front-fender of the original motorcycle has been retained. However, this modified motorcycle gets a huge old-school drum brakes instead of the disc brakes on the factory-spec motorcycle. Also, it comes with custom rear view mirrors that have been mounted on to the ends of the handlebar.

modified royal enfield continental gt images front angle

In the side profile, you’ll be quick to notice the long, flat single-seat and the two-tone brushed aluminum-black paint scheme. While the frame and the crankcase have been painted in black, the engine has been left in original color. The toolbox cover is new. Also, there’s a new rear cowl. The new shock absorbers replace the Paioli gas-charged units of the factory-spec motorcycle.

modified royal enfield continental gt images front angle

The rear-end is characterized by a fat tire and an afterburner-like tailend. There is no rear fender and the taillamp seems to have been built into the terminal end of the tailpiece. We really like the way this modified Royal Enfield Continental GT looks. In some ways, it reminds us of some of the old-school Ducati models. This custom cafe racer has been christened as the ‘Silver Bullet’. It offers just the right mix of retro-styling and a handful of modern elements. We say this as in spite of the bits like a LED headlamp and LED taillamps, the motorcycle looks like a true-blue cafe racer. What are your views on this modified Royal Enfield Continental GT?


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