We’ve seen many tastefully modified Royal Enfield motorcycles that have been given completely new identities through the set of mods they carry. Now, however, we have seen it all! The motorcycle you see below was spotted by us in Gurugram today. It’s a Royal Enfield that has been given the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ treatment for a totally post-apocalyptic look.

For the uninitiated, the Mad Max: Fury Road did feature a Royal Enfield motorcycle that was fitted with a sidecar. While the Royal Enfield we have here doesn’t have a sidecar, it successfully captures the essence of the highly successful movie through the set of modifications it carries. The motorcycle wears a bronze paint shade for that rusty look. Up front, it gets several machine gear wheels stuck to its fender and headlamp assembly for a totally raw look. The headlamp has been replaced with many gears that give this motorcycle a rather strange and even a somewhat weird look.

Once astride, you’ll be quick to notice that the entire rust-like paint scheme has been taken a bit too seriously. Even the handlebar and the switchgear have been painted in the same shade of bronze. The motorcycle uses a broken speedo console. The fuel filler cap has been replaced with a machine gear wheel. Actually, the Mad Max: Fury Road visualizes vehicles being built by salvaging bits and pieces of auto components 45 years after the apocalypse. To this effect, the Royal Enfield motorcycle we have here captures the essence of the movie pretty well.

This modified Royal Enfield has a custom single-seat setup. Based on an old Royal Enfield Bullet, this motorcycle has the same suspension and engine components. The exhaust pipe, however, has been modified and the motorcycle gets a dual exhaust look. Akin to the rest of the motorcycle, even the rear-end carries the Bronze paint shade. The paint has been purposefully corroded in some areas to maintain the rusty look. We spotted this motorcycle parked outside a war-themed lounge in Gurugram. Hence, in all probability, this motorcycle would be used a showpiece. We fully approve of this Mad Max-inspired Royal Enfield. What about you?