This modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird is one HOT looking bike

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is a pretty popular bike from the Chennai based company. It was launched as a cruiser style bike which could act as both a city ride and a highway mile muncher. Adding to it was its gorgeous looks which definitely was a sole reason behind many buying the bike. Recently, Royal Enfield launched the Thunderbird X series bikes which are essentially more stylish and street smart versions of their big thunderbird counterparts. All this talking about the Thunderbird here is for a reason though, which is a handsomely modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird featured below.

Re Mod 2

Now the Thunderbird may not be as popular as the Classic when it comes to modifications but it is no less when it comes to stylish builds and macho looking mods, as is the case with this one here. Called Bravo by its makers at Bulleteer Customs, it carries a classic bobber design along with a few hints from cruiser motorcycles. For those who don’t know about Bulleteer Customs, it is a bike modification house based out of Bengaluru specializing in modifying Royal Enfield bikes. This time, the guys at Bulleteer decided to pour their magic sauce on a 2015 model Royal Enfield Thunderbird and the result is in front of us to see.

Re Mod

The bike runs on old school thick-walled tires mounted on spoked rims with white tapering. Both the front and the rear fenders have been chopped short in customary bobber style while the front headlamp has been replaced with a retro-looking single pod unit. The typical Royal Enfield instrument cluster found on the Thunderbird has given way to a modern, single pod unit that displays all relevant information to the rider.

Re Mod 4

One of the highlights of the Bravo is its tall handlebars which give it a cruiser appeal despite the rest of the build being bobber based. The tall handlebar also resets the riding triangle of the bike apart from enhancing the aesthetics of the Bravo. Moving on, we see that the fuel tank has been painted in silver with a few markings on top. Speaking of which, the rest of the bike mostly carries a black paint shade apart from the tank and the engine, which has been left stock.

Re Mod 3

The fuel tank is followed by a single piece saddle that looks the part and has been positioned so as to give the rider a comfortable riding position. Overall, the Bravo is a pretty good looking bike that carries a design theme of a bobber mixed with a dash of cruiser DNA. To let you know, Royal Enfield is currently working on the next-generation model of the Thunderbird that will sport a ton of changes including a BSVI engine. Expect the bike to be launched in the first quarter of 2020.

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