This modified San Storm convertible gets Maruti 800 engine [video]

Indian automotive landscape has changed over the years. From cars like Premier Padmini, Hindustan Ambassador and Maruti 800, we now have modern cars that are loaded with technology. Some cars that were launched in the market were successful while some were not. One such car is Storm from Goa based San Motors. Many people may not even remember San Storm as it was not commercially a success. However, it was a humble attempt by an Indian manufacturer to make a low cost convertible car. San Storm is now rarely seen on our roads but, here we have a video of a modified San Storm which gets an engine from a Maruti 800.

The video has been uploaded by TA Vlogging on their YouTube channel. In this video vlogger mentions that he is featuring a modified Maruti 800 but, actually it is not a Maruti 800. It is in fact a San Storm convertible which now gets an engine from a Maruti 800. San Storm was a two-seater roadster or convertible car from San Motors India Ltd. The design of the car may look too modern when you compare it with any other car of that time. It is because, the car was designed by the French firm, Le Mans Group.

The current owner of this car has completely wrapped the car in matte finish. It looks like the original colour of the car was Red. The headlamps have been blacked out and the tail lamps also get gloss black garnishes around it. The San logo is still seen on the steering and the boot of the car. The video does not share the story on how the owner ended up with San Storm or why he decided to modify it. The owner mentions that they have now installed an engine from a Maruti 800 in the car. Originally, San Storm used to come with a 1.2 litre, four cylinder, engine from Renault. It powered the front wheels and generates 60 bhp and had a top speed of 144 kmph.

This modified San Storm convertible gets Maruti 800 engine

At 760 kilos, San Storm was a very light car. Coming back to the modified San Sotrm seen in the video, apart from swapping the engine, the owner has also updated the exhaust. It is extremely loud and looks like a custom made unit. The stock wheels on the car have been replaced with chrome finished aftermarket alloy wheels. As part of the modification, the owner has also installed seats from Chevrolet Cruze sedan.

Vlogger does not offer much details about the modification in the video and goes for a drive in the car. As mentioned above, San Storm is an extremely rare car for our roads and many people were looking at the car. Many were confused to see a small convertible car with a loud exhaust on the road. It was definitely making people turn their heads on the road. It is definitely not the best looking modified car that you would find in the country but, it is probably the only San Storm in the country to have a Maruti 800 engine.