This modified Skoda Octavia vRS with stage 3 tune makes a whopping 386 Bhp [Video]

Skoda Octavia is a car that needs no introduction in enthusiasts community. It is a four door sedan that has a lot of modification potential. We have seen several mad looking modified Octavia sedans from different parts of the country and some of them have been featured on our website too. Skoda not only launched the regular version of the premium sedan, they also had the vRS version for the customers who were looking for performance. There are variety of performance modification options available for Skoda Octavia vRS in the market and here we have a stage 3 tuned modified Skoda Octavia vRS 245 that generates 386 Hp.

The video has been uploaded by Harmonixx Tuning on their YouTube channel. The video talks about modifications that have been done to this sedan. The car has already received stage 1 remap and the car is already powerful than a stock Octavia vRS 245. In stock form, the car generates 245 Ps and 370 Nm of peak torque. After stage 1 ECU tune, the car was generating 310 Ps and 529 Nm of peak torque. Along with engine remap, the car also got moidifications like stage 1 TCU. The owner of this car has also upgraded the intercooler in this 4 door performance sedan.

The owner has now come back for more performance upgrades. This time, the turbo, intake and the exhaust system on this car are being modified. The car taken to the workshop and the stock turbo in the sedan was replaced with EQT IS38+ turbocharger. The airfilter installed on this sedan is Racingline R600, MST inlet, hose, Armytrix De-Cat Downpipe, Remus resonated valvetronic catback, EQT coil grounding kit, racingline subrame alignment kit, NGK sprak plugs and so on.

This modified Skoda Octavia vRS with stage 3 tune makes a whopping 386 Bhp [Video]

Once all these modificactions were done, the garage also carried out a full service on the car. After the servicing and all the modification work on the car was done, the car taken to a dyno test. It was at this point, they started the car for the first time after servicing and it was loud. The car was on the ramp for test and they started conducting tests. On dyno, it was clear that the performance of the sedan had improved. From 310 Ps, the car was now generating 386 Ps and the torque figures have also improved. The performance sedan is now generating a maximum of 575 Nm of peak torque.

Once the test were done, they even take the car out for a spin. The new exhaust system installed on the car is loud and the same can be heard in the video too. The overall performance of the car has improved. 0-100 kmph time would have also improved but, it is not mentioned in the video. Another modification that Harmonixx tuning has done to the car is multiple tunes in a single ECU. They have 3 tunes stored into the ECU memory and the driver can easily switch between these three maps as per requirement. In all these tunes, performance of the vehicle differs. It is at the third map that the car generates 386 Ps and 575 Nm od peak torque. With minimum exterior modifications, this is a perfect sleeper car.

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