This modified Toyota Fortuner from India is totally BRUTAL

Brutal is the word. While the new Toyota Fortuner is already the king of the segment in terms of sales, it’s also got mammoth street presence. Nippon Toyota from god’s own country decided that this much presence simply wasn’t enough. Enter the Nippon body kit.

This modified Toyota Fortuner from India is totally BRUTALThe new Fortuner you’re seeing here is wearing a Nippon Toyota body kit that costs about 2 lakh rupees. And after spending that kind of money, you get a vehicle that’s totally unique.

Want one? You’ve got to get in touch with the folks at Nippon Toyota, Kochi. Shiyas (9061625777) is the man you’ve got to be talking to.

What are the other ideas to modify the new Toyota Fortuner? Well, there are plenty lined up right below.

This modified Toyota Fortuner from India is totally BRUTAL This modified Toyota Fortuner from India is totally BRUTAL

Make it look sleeker

The Fortuner has been radically redesigned to give it a more flamboyant and elegant look. It has lost a lot of its butch and rugged image and now looks a lot more urbane commute friendly. Since the SUV has a more sporty avatar now, there are many body kits that will make add flair to the design.

This particular one has a new grill, new bumper extensions that have DRLs, additional skirting on the rear bumper and a new diffuser as well. There a few kits available. You can also opt for the TRD kit which is a genuine Toyota accessory.


The current Fortuner is a very capable machine off-road. Since many people have modified their current Fortuners to tackle the off-road better, the same can be done with the new one as well. Iron man has made off-road bumpers and an off-road suspension lift kit which increases the ground clearance of the vehicle. The bumper is a metallic one and protects the body work while going through rough areas or bushes. It certainly makes the vehicle look very rugged.

Expedition ready

Since the Fortuner comes with 4×4, it can certainly be taken on off-road expeditions. If you decide to take it camping, you can opt for a tent which enables you to stay outdoors without a worry. This one will just fold away and not occupy much space either. You can also opt for a roof box or a carrier if you want to store more things.

Customize the interiors

The interiors on the Fortuner have been given a major upgrade. They are now more premium and feel a lot nicer than the outgoing one. If you still want more, you can always look aftermarket.

You can opt for different upholstery with different materials based on your budget and requirement. You can also opt for scuff plates or other accessories that will make the interiors feel better.

Power boost it

The new Fortuner will get the 2.4 liter and 2.8 liter GD engines from the Innova, however they will produce more power. If you find that not enough, there are companies that make Race chips and tuning boxes for the same. We are sure that Indian tuning companies will also come up with tunes for the new vehicle, but if you are in a hurry, there are race chips that are available abroad currently. These changes boost power and torque to over 204 Bhp-550Nm, up from 177 Bhp-450 Nm.