This modified Yamaha RX costs a whopping Rs. 3.2 lakh! [Video]

Yamaha RX100 modified

The Yamaha RX100 is a legendary motorcycle that every 2-stroke motorcycle fanatic still dreams of today. It was extremely popular among buyers in the 90s, and finding a well-maintained version of this motorcycle is quite challenging. People who owned this motorcycle either completely customized it or sold it to someone else when they encountered difficulties in maintaining it. A well-kept RX100 or RX135 motorcycle could fetch you a good sum of money. Here, we have a video showcasing a heavily customized Yamaha RX135. The overall cost of modifying this project was a whopping 3.2 lakh.

The video has been shared by RATHISH VIEW on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger speaks to the owner of a Yamaha RX135 motorcycle, who, along with his team, completely modified it. The Japanese brand Yamaha used to sell different versions of the RX100 and RX135 in the international market as well. These motorcycles were sold under a different name. One such version that was sold in the Indonesian market was the RX King.

The owner of this RX135 decided to convert it into a heavily modified RX King. As part of the project, the owner ordered parts and panels from outside India. He reached out to friends in Malaysia and asked them to get in touch with vendors from Indonesia because of language barriers. Most of the parts on this motorcycle are now aftermarket. Starting with the headlamp, the round headlamps have been replaced with a rectangular all-LED unit. The turn indicators are also upgraded and are actually from the RX King.

The instrument cluster looks similar to the RX135; however, it has minor changes. The owner mentions that except for the engine and frame, everything else on this motorcycle has been changed or modified. The shape of the fuel tank is slightly different from that of the RX100 or RX135 motorcycles. The motorcycle has steel rims, but these are not the stock ones; they were imported from Indonesia. The 17-inch wheels are wrapped with track tires. There are disc brakes at both the front and rear.

This modified Yamaha RX costs a whopping Rs. 3.2 lakh! [Video]
Yamaha RX135 to RX King

The owner mentions that he borrowed the front disc from the Ntorq scooter, and the calipers and master cylinder at both the front and rear are from the RCB brand. The front and rear suspensions have also been upgraded for this project. The seat on this motorcycle is custom-made and was imported along with other parts. Once he gathered all the parts, the owner, along with his friends, finished this project in only 10 days. He mentions that he had the parts lying around at home, and one day he decided to build this.

He calls it the “White Wolf,” dedicated to his pet dog. The whole motorcycle has a custom paint job. The majority of the parts and panels are finished in white with purple vinyls or graphics on them. The owner chose purple as it was the shade of their brand. The combination is pretty good and complements the custom-made lobster tail underbelly exhaust. The motorcycle sounds pretty good. The overall cost of making this motorcycle was around Rs 3.2 lakh, and the owner mentions that he already sold this motorcycle for around Rs 3.5 lakh. He also mentions that cops have stopped him and have shown interest in this project, appreciating the build.