This neatly modified Mitsubishi Lancer in Yellow shade looks stunning [Video]

The Mitsubishi Lancer was a model that made this Japanese car manufacturer popular among buyers in India. It was sold across the country in decent numbers, but due to poor after-sales service and a lack of dealerships, people lost interest. The Mitsubishi Lancer was a premium sedan and was popular among enthusiasts for various reasons. Even today, there are a decent number of Lancer sedans in different parts of the country. Many of them have been customized by their owners to their liking. We have seen several tastefully modified versions of this sedan on our website. Here, we have a video that shows what is claimed to be India’s first bagged Mitsubishi Lancer.

The video has been uploaded by Prejimon Pradeep on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks to the owner of the Lancer to learn more about the modifications. The owner can be heard saying in the video that he bought the car back in 2017 and has been making modifications to it since then. He really likes the Lancer Evo and wanted to make changes to his car accordingly. He took his car to one of his friends who suggested the 17-inch alloy wheels.

The original color of this sedan was black. The owner recently repainted it as he wanted to make his car look different. He mentioned that black had become a very common color for cars these days, so he chose to change the color of his car. Starting with the front, the stock bumper has been completely replaced with a custom-made bumper. His friend, who owns a garage, built it. The bumper definitely gives the car a very aggressive and sporty look from the front. The owner has not modified the stock headlights or taillights on this sedan.

This neatly modified Mitsubishi Lancer in Yellow shade looks stunning [Video]
Modified Mitsubishi Lancer

Moving to the side profile, you can see that there is a skirting, and the car looks extremely low. That is because the owner has replaced the stock suspension on this sedan with air suspensions. He made this modification in 2020, and back then, it was the only Lancer in the country to have such a modification. The 17-inch alloy wheels are wrapped with low-profile tires and are not too wide either. The wheels sit neatly inside the wheel arch, and no wide-body kit was installed. This is actually a very clean-looking Lancer sedan. Most of the Lancers that we have seen to date have wild-looking body kits and modifications.

As we move to the rear, you will notice the large spoiler installed on the trunk. This is again a custom-made unit, and the design of this spoiler is inspired by the Lancer Evo. The rear bumper remains the same; however, there is a skirting installed on it. The compressor and the air tank that control the air suspension on this sedan are neatly installed in the trunk. The switches to raise and lower the suspension height are installed under the driver’s armrest. The car also has a straight pipe exhaust, and the video mentions that the car is used for expos and auto shows and is not driven on the road.

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