This new Maruti Swift with twin pop-up sunroof setup looks really cool

Some of you would remember that we featured a new Maruti Swift with a Webasto Hollandia 100 pop-up type sunroof last month. Today, here’s another new Swift that sports this entry-level sunroof. The only difference is that this Swift features not one but two sunroof units!

Having a sunroof on your car is pretty pointless in a country like India, where the climate remains extreme almost throughout the year. However, many car owners/buyers seem to have been smitten by the aesthetic appeal sunroofs have. Most mainstream car models don’t offer a sunroof even as an optional extra on the top-end model. Hence, some owners of these cars take the aftermarket route to get a sunroof for their vehicles. The twin sunroof setup you see on the Swift above comprises of two Hollandia 100 pop-up type sunroof units from Webasto. This is a manual-sunroof that can be operated using a simple lever. It costs Rs 15,000 apiece and can be installed on any car model in a matter of few hours. This one’s a non-electric accessory and hence, the electricals aren’t disturbed by the installation of this accessory.


Webasto says the sunroof glass offers a high protection against UV radiation and heat of the sun. Moreover, the sunroof glass can be completely removed within a matter of few minutes if the owner wishes to. Like we’ve been saying, the functionality of a sunroof is highly questionable in most of the parts of our country. However, the twin sunroof setup on this Swift does make the car look slightly more stylish than the stock version. That said, one must remember that installing a sunroof changes the roof structure of a car and there are some chances of its structural rigidity taking a hit. Hence, be very sure of what you’re getting into before installing a sunroof on your car.

via AutoTrend India on Youtube