This Nissan 1 Ton pick up truck is a Mahindra Bolero in disguise

Nissan One-Ton was a popular truck or SUV that was once used by Indian Army. It was a tough looking SUV that was made to deal with toughest of the terrains. It was based on Nissan’s popular global SUV Patrol. There are several videos of restored Nissan 1 ton SUV that are currently available in India. Former Indian national Cricket team captain MS Dhoni also owns one. He bought his restored Nissan 1 ton from Punjab. Here we have a video where a Nissan 1 ton is actually being restored.

The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on their YouTube channel. The video shows whole restoration process of the SUV. When the SUV arrived at the workshop, most of the components were missing. It just had the chassis, some parts of the bonnet and fender. There was nothing in the cabin. Most of the panels also had rust issues. Some parts of the chassis also had this problem.

First thing done to the SUV was that all the existing components on the car were taken down and rusted parts on the chassis was mended. Once that was done, the whole frame got a coat of primer to protect it from rusting. The whole chassis was then painted in gloss black shade.

After this, the team started working on rest of the car. The bonnet, fenders were all redone. The front bumper was all rusted  and they had to build a brand new one from scratch. They even had to build a front grille from scratch as it was not present when the SUV arrived. Basically the whole project was like building an all-new car from scratch.

This Nissan 1 Ton pick up truck is a Mahindra Bolero in disguise

As mentioned above, there was no cabin present on the SUV when it arrived at the workshop. The team found a solution in the form of a Bolero. They chopped off the cabin from a Mahindra Bolero. Did all the denting work and then welded it together with the frame. Front windshield was missing in the car, so they completely removed the frame and installed a custom made unit that sits perfectly with the Mahindra Bolero cabin. As this was being designed as pickup truck, there was luggage loading area at the rear. They used metal sheets to create floor for the loading area.

Meanwhile, an original One-Ton engine was found and a team started working on it. The whole engine was rebuilt and they brought it back to life. The car was almost ready. The team then installed the engine. Best part about this build is that it still has 4×4. The interiors were completely redone. It was not retro but, modern. It got features like custom made leatherette upholstery with Red stitching. The SUV also gets touchscreen infotainment system, speakers and other elements.

The whole truck gets a black and Red theme. Exterior of this truck was painted in matte black paint with Red inserts at places. Although, they used a Bolero cabin on the SUV, it does not look odd and sits well on top of the frame. Work done on the SUV looks good as well.