This Rolls Royce is India’s UGLIEST [Video]

The big fat Indian wedding often sees exotic cars that are used for the bride and groom. There are quite a few exotic options, like limousines, for those who want to hire an exotic wedding car. Here is one such wedding car from Madhya Pradesh and it is a Rolls Royce!

A Rolls Royce wedding car

There can be nothing better than a Rolls Royce car to complement an Indian wedding and that’s what this wedding planner thought too. Hamid Khan, a wedding planner from Madhya Pradesh, has completely remodelled a vintage Rolls Royce to use it for weddings. He has given the name ‘Royals Wedding Car’ to the final product.

The exact model of the base car is not known but it sure is a vintage Rolls Royce that has been modified completely. It now gets a huge cabin at the rear with big glass windows. It has been designed to look like a horse carriage. To support the extra weight, the car gets two extra wheels mounted on a newly installed axle.

The interiors of the newly developed wedding car have not been revealed yet, but it sure gets some plush seats and interiors. The large windows get big white curtains from where the newly married couples can be seen by the crowd. The whole car gets a white base colour with golden streaks all over it to give it a very premium look. Parts like the front signature Rolls Royce grille have been retained in the vehicle.

Other details like the per hour charges have not been revealed yet. However, the car is targeted at the middle-class families and the wedding planner is expected to charge a nominal rent for its use.

It sure is a Rolls Royce but after the modification, it does not remain as classy or as good looking as the original. The modification job was done with good intentions, but the final product leaves much to be desired.