This Royal Enfield Bullet gives you money back! [Video]

Royal Enfields are pretty expensive bikes to maintain and run. They need care, thought and more than a normal biker to remain in good condition. But above all they give you a warm feeling when you thump that engine to life and ride like there’s no tomorrow, every time. However, what if we say that your favourite bullet can give your hard-earned bucks back to you. And no, we are not talking about some company offers, but of this video which popped out of nowhere and had us in splits. Take a look.

Apparently, this particular Royal Enfield is throwing cash out of its exhaust pipe like an ATM machine gone rogue. The bike in question seems to be a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 with a cast iron engine (going by the thump). From what we see, the bike has not been modified much apart from a set of fancy alloys. The owner, as it seems, has stuffed a wad of notes in his exhaust pipe. They were arranged such as to not cause a blockage when the engine runs.

The video starts from a point where the Bullet is already running and blurting notes out of its exhaust pipe. The notes in question are Rs. 200 bills which is quite evident if you notice their signature orange colour. The bike is on a standstill with the engine being revved to dish out the notes. Also, there are not just 4-5 notes but a whole lot (wad) of them. If you see the video carefully enough, you will notice that the notes had been stuffed in a very proper and orderly fashion. This is quite evident in the manner they come out.

Moneyback Bullet Featured

This one sure makes for a good laugh. However such things can seriously damage the bike in some cases. Doing such antics to a regular bullet may even cause a fire. So, try such antics at your own peril.