This Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals Edition rider can’t believe himself after testing its ABS [Video]

Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield last month launched the Classic 350 Signals Edition. The Signals edition is the first motorcycle from Royal Enfield to offer dual-channel ABS as standard kit. The reactions from the RE community has been mixed with Pegasus owners feeling disgruntled. However, those who have gotten on the saddle and brake-tested the Signals Edition have praised the bike’s ABS-aided brakes as is the case of the rider in the video below who brake-tested the bike in the dirt bringing it to a halt from 60km/h.

In the video, Youtuber Bullet Singh Boisar got his hands on the Classic 350 Signals Edition just for the purpose of testing the new dual-channel ABS set-up. The youtuber pushes the Signals Edition before brake-testing the bike multiple times on the dirt section on the sides of the paved road to find out how the dual-channel ABS set-up affected the stopping power of the bike.

His reaction when he first tests out the brakes is one of disbelief as he exclaims that his viewers won’t be able to believe how hard he’s clamped down on the brakes. He then tests the dual-channel ABS set-up two more times, again on the dirt, and his disbelief at the improved braking compared to bikes without ABS (including his own KTM 250 Duke) is evident in the tone of his voice. The vlogger’s voice is that of excitement and disbelief in equal parts.

His video reflects the reactions of many riders who have test-ridden the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 Signals Edition. The reactions are quite expected considering the lack of ABS on most Royal Enfield bikes before the arrival of the Signals Edition.

The addition of the ABS set-up ensures that the brakes on the new bike do not lock, especially in cases of full emergency stops. The ABS set-up also helps to decrease the stopping distance and provides traction even on low friction surfaces like the dirt section on the sides of the road, where the youtuber brake-tested the Signals Edition from 60km/h.

However, owners of the previously launched limited edition Pegasus 500 (only 250 were made and sold out in 3 minutes) have reacted with fury to the launch of the Classic 350 Signals Edition. They’ve taken to social media complaining about the similar design and the presence of dual-channel ABS on the Signals Edition with some taking drastic measures to vent their fury, by either donating or dumping the limited-run bike.