This Royal Enfield Himalayan Trike modification is the best thing you will see today!

Royal Enfield Himalayan is one of the most versatile motorcycles in its segment. The adventure bike is loved by many due to its multi-purpose design. Here is a badass modification based on the Himalayan and there’s nothing you have seen like this in the past. Motoslug, a friend of CarToq from our earliest days on the Internet, recently was at the Royal Enfield cafe in Goa, and shot a video of this highly admirable trike conversion done on a Royal Enfield Himalayan.

What are the changes?

The modification is based on Royal Enfield Himalayan. The bike is officially commissioned modification by Royal Enfield and is on display at the recently inaugurated Royal Enfield Cafe in Goa. According to the information card placed behind the bike, the idea of modifying the Himalayan like this started with a question of what the Himalayan would be like in Goa.

The modified trike was first showcased at the 2016 Royal Enfield Rider Mania, which is an annual event held by the brand and it sees thousands of Royal Enfield enthusiasts gathering in Goa. The bike has been christened as The Rooster Trike. It looks quite different from the stock Himalayan and gets many updates and changes. The modification adds a completely modified rear of the motorcycle. The chopped rear is now replaced with a differential with a set of knobby tyres at the back. The wider wheels will distribute the weight over a larger area, which means that the Rooster Trike will be much more successful than the stock bike on the beach sand. With the addition of the rear differential, the motorcycle has gained a lot of weight and to help to reverse it, the modders have also added a reverse gear.

The bike also gets other modifications like the upside-down front fork, a set of speakers that syncs with Goa’s musical ambience and new dual pod headlamps. The name Rooster comes from the rooster tyre marks that it leaves on the sand. The bike gets a lot of customised parts like the visor above the headlamp, a customised tan leather seat, chopped front fender, wrapped customised exhaust, and custom paint with a rooster on the tank. The modified bike can only seat a single person now.


…the modification is not road legal. Any changes done to the structure of the vehicle or any modification the effects the performance of the vehicle should be endorsed on the Registration Certificate of the vehicle after getting it passed from ARAI. But this motorcycle can be a perfect ride for the people with private properties or race tracks! It is the kind of vehicle that makes one wish that the laws in India were more flexible. For example, in several states of the United States, a trike conversion like this would be entirely legal, on all roads. In India, even a company like Royal Enfield would find it bothersome to go through the hassle of an ARAI approval.