This Royal Enfield modified as a ‘military bike’ is the BEST thing you’ll see today [Video]

Royal Enfield branded bikes have been one of the most customised motorcycles in India. Here is another exquisite example from EIMOR Customs. It is based on Royal Enfield Bullet Electra and the custom job turns it into a beautiful Army motorcycle.

What has been changed?

The motorcycle gets standard military size ammunition box with a pure leather belt. The belts help in reducing the rattles of the box while the box itself can serve as utility box. On the other side, a five-litre jerrycan has been added for emergency situations. The jerrycan also gets a leather belt.

The modders have also used real wood on the bike. The side of the tank gets real wood trims. Also, the fender gets a wooden top tray, that can serve as a platform for luggage box. The tray gets hooks to tie things. It also gets a lot of brass. The fuel tank is a screw-type now and is made of brass. The front fender gets a brass plate with a art of soldier on bike etched on it. There is also a small brass token mounted on the front suspension that gets the name of the bike’s owner.

The motorcycle also gets rear disc brake for which the swingarm had to be modified. The changes are quite simple but very powerful in lifting up the bike’s looks. The spoked rims get block-type MRF tyres too. The crash bars are inspired by the old-school Royal Enfield bikes and on the left side, the crash bar also gets a bottle holder while the right-hand side gets a single yellow lens lamp.

The handlebars are old-school bobber type grips that add to the overall looks. The bike gets a single seat. It gets an olive green colour body paint while the engine and body parts have been updated to black.

Shantonil Nag

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