This Royal Enfield Thunderbird is the most elegant modification job that you’ll see

Royal Enfield motorcycles can be found in all shapes and forms in India. The most customised motorcycle brand in India is the first choice of many due to its vintage looks. Here is another such custom job done by Nair Arts on the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and it looks exquisite.

The donor bike is a 2004 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 with an AVL aluminium engine. The hardtail modification job looks very different from most of the custom jobs out there. To give it a low-slung look, the chassis has been modified completely. It gets a 200-mm rear tyre and a 120-mm front tyre. The modified chassis has also extended the wheelbase by a few millimetres. This lends an unique identity to the bike.

It now gets a single seat with springs under it. The leather seat has been laser etched with a floral pattern that will also act as a grip. The floral pattern can be seen etched on the new custom tank and the battery cover too. Parts of the front and rear fender and the customised exhaust muffler also get the same design pattern that makes the whole motorcycle look very premium. The bike also gets upside down front forks.

The customised handlebar is wide and the kicked out footpegs give the rider a very relaxed riding position. The wheels are now spoked and get a very captivating design. Both the front and rear wheel get disc brakes replacing the drum brakes on the stock bike. The headlamp unit is also customised. The whole bike gets a black theme with almost all the parts painted in black. The wheels, engine, handlebar and other cycle parts have been painted in matte black.

Apart from the AVL engine, the motorcycle has been modified completely. It looks gracious and somewhat artistic. Delhi-based Nair Arts have not mentioned the price of the modification job but it sure takes a lot of time and money to transform a Royal Enfield into something so beautiful.