This stage 2 tuned Ford Ecosport makes 134 bhp and 311 Nm of torque [Video]

The number of automotive enthusiasts in India is rapidly increasing, and with the new wave of automotive lovers, we are seeing more cars getting tuned and customized. Recently, a video of a stage-2 tuned Ford Ecosport made its way onto the internet, and spoiler alert, it is quite impressive. This particular car has been tastefully modified and has been created to give expensive German SUVs a run for their money.

The video review of this tuned Ford Ecosport has been shared on The Drivers Hub’s YouTube channel. The video starts with the presenter mentioning that they recently tested some family-friendly tuner SUVs, including a pair of Skoda Yetis. However, being German, those vehicles are expensive, and their audience wanted to see something more affordable. So, in this video, they brought this tuned 2018 Ford Ecosport.

The presenter starts by introducing the vehicle in front of him. He states that this is a 2018 Ford Ecosport Titanium S variant, which in stock format comes equipped with a 1.5L diesel turbo TDCI engine producing 100 bhp of power and 215 Nm of torque. However, he adds that this particular car has been fitted with some amazing performance parts. The list of mods includes a K and N air filter, straight-pipe exhaust, downpipe, hard EGR delete, and most importantly, a stage 2 tune from Wolf Moto Performance.

This stage 2 tuned Ford Ecosport makes 134 bhp and 311 Nm of torque [Video]

Following this, he reveals that with these mods, this car can generate an extremely impressive 134 bhp and close to 311 Nm of torque. He adds that both of these figures are dyno tested, and this is probably the second most powerful Ford Ecosport in the country. The presenter in the voiceover then also adds that the same company which tuned this particular Ecosport has now come up with a new stage 1 tune, which pushes the stock figures to 135 bhp.

The presenter, after introducing the car, starts the drive and shares the driving impressions of the car. He first states that soon after stepping on the accelerator, it feels much more powerful than a stock car, and the 134 bhp of power can be felt. He adds that the car is very fun to drive and makes an amazing noise with the straight pipe exhaust. Following this, he mentions that weirdly enough, the diesel engine under the bonnet does not feel like diesel and rather feels like a petrol engine because of the way it revs and with its noise as well.

He also states that the throttle response of this particular car feels amazing, thanks to the tune from Wolf Moto Performance. The presenter then adds that Wolf Moto Performance has tuned over 300 Ecosports in India, which is a huge number. He also states that the owner of the vehicle is pretty happy with the car. The presenter also revealed that the owner stated that this car provides a mileage of 11 kmpl in bumper to bumper traffic and around 25 kmpl on highways with the cruise control system. In the end, the presenter adds that the total cost of building this particular Ford Ecosport was Rs 1,50,000.