This tastefully modified type 1 Honda City by Race Concepts generates 350 Bhp

Honda City has always been a car very close to enthusiasts. The type 1 Honda City specifically has a huge modification potential and we have also seen a variety of tastefully modified Honda City sedans from various generations in the past. Honda City type 1 VTEC specifically has a very large fan base in the country. Even today, there is a market for the type 1 Honda City and you can get a well-kept Honda City type 1 at attractive prices from used car market. Here we have a tastefully modified Honda City type 1 VTEC sedan that generates over 350 Bhp. It is probably the most powerful Honda City in the country.

The video has been uploaded by Race Concepts on their YouTube channel. The Honda City seen in this video may look like any other regular City sedan that you might find on the road. The first thing that you would notice about the car is the bright blue shade. Other than this, there are not many modifications or body kits installed on the car unlike the ones that we have seen in the past. It may look simple and stock but it is not. Every bit in this car has been modified for performance.

Starting with the engine, it is not modified but, it is completely rebuild. The engine now gets fully forged custom internals. The engine is now turbocharged and the intake manifold is a custom made unit. There are other bits like a standalone ECU, high flow performance fuel injectors, turbo boost management system, stage 4 cylinder head, stage 4 clutch, bigger intercooler, brake upgrades and so on. This Honda City also gets a close ratio gearbox.

This tastefully modified type 1 Honda City by Race Concepts generates 350 Bhp

As mentioned above, the engine on this car now generates over 350 Bhp. It can easily generate much more than this but, the owner of the sedan wanted usable power. As the car is much more powerful than a stock City, the brakes on this car have been upgraded. The rear also gets custom disc brake set up for better stopping power. The alloy wheels used in this City are also custom made lightweight alloy wheels that help in improving the performance. These are 16 inch units. This Honda City has a top speed f around 200-210 Kmph.

The exterior of the car also gets other bits like original carbon fiber treatment on the ORVMs and the door pads. The car now sits lower than the stock unit as it comes with custom coil over suspension. The interior of the car gets Sparco steering wheel, sparco pedals, sparco seats and sparco floor mats. The car still has a working AC, music system with some heavy speakers. The video mentions that there has not been any attempt to reduce the weight of the car. The bonnet, roof, fenders and tail gates are all metal. The modification has only made the car heavier but even then, it can achieve 0-100 kmph in just 5 seconds. The car can still seat 5 passengers in it and can be driven on the streets in a sedate manner if needed.

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