This Tesla with 19 lakh kms beats most Toyotas in distance driven: Motor replaced 14 times!

Tesla Model S 19 lakh kms featured

Tesla is the most popular and recognizable electric vehicle manufacturer globally. While there are several doubts among buyers related to the reliability of these electric cars, here we have a Tesla Model S that has completed around 1.2 million miles (19 lakh km) on the odometer. The story is about a 2014 Model S that has completed over 19 lakh kms. We have seen people achieve such incredible figures on ICE vehicles; however, this is probably the first time an electric vehicle has achieved this feat. In fact, it has covered more distance than most Toyota vehicles known for their extreme reliability.

The owner of this Tesla Model S is Hansjörg von Gemmingen-Hornberg. Before buying the Model S, Gemmingen-Hornberg owned a Tesla Roadster and had managed to do 400,000 miles in the car. It was at a time when the charging infrastructure was not the best. Although he faced issues with the charging infrastructure, he decided to buy a Tesla Model S in 2014. He did not actually opt for a brand new one but bought a used Model S with 18,641 miles on it.

The Tesla Model S, like any electric vehicle in the market, faced several issues, especially with the rear motor. The Model S that Gemmingen-Hornberg bought also faced these issues. The problems kept on recurring, and he had to replace the motor 13 times. Over the 1.2 million miles that the car covered, the owner got the motor replaced 14 times, including the one that came with the car.

Most of the motors replaced on this Model S were refurbished, and even Tesla could not find the actual cause of the issue. As they could not identify the actual problem, they didn’t know how to fix the issue properly. Some of these replacements were done under warranty, while others were not. The reason why he managed to cover such an incredible feat in his Tesla is that he does road trips in the car. The owner is retired, and he likes to see the world by car. He has driven the Model S to Africa, Morocco, Sweden, Austria, and China.

Coming back to the owner, Gemmingen-Hornberg said that he does not like pushing his Model S hard, and that is one of the reasons why he has managed to complete over 1.2 million miles. He does not drive the car for long without giving himself and his car a much-needed break. He takes a break almost every 62 miles. When it comes to charging, he waits until the battery percentage drops to 20 percent before recharging it. While the owner mentions the driving style and experience, he does not share much info related to other components like brakes and tires. He also mentions that the exterior and interior of the car have held up very well.

This Tesla with 19 lakh kms beats most Toyotas in distance driven: Motor replaced 14 times!
Tesla Model S completes 19 lakh kms

The owner also mentions that it is not only the electric motor that needed work; he also got the battery pack on this Model S replaced. It is currently running on the 4th battery pack. While the owner managed to cover over 19 lakh kms in this car since 2014, he might have spent a lot to get some of the parts replaced. There is no information related to the same available online. In 2019, Elon Musk congratulated the owner of this Model S when the car completed 10 lakh kms on the odometer.