This Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with a custom body kit looks absolutely stunning [Video]

Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified spartan featured

Over the last few years, here on Cartoq, we have featured a number of Toyota Fortuner conversion and modification videos. After all, it is the most popular full-size ladder-on-frame SUV in India. However, up until now none of the other Fortuners were as uniquely modified as this one. This particular Toyota Fortuner type 2 is the only of its kind. It features a fully custom body kit and the video of its entire build process has been shared on YouTube.

The video of this extremely modified and unique Toyota Fortuner has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders on their channel. Autorounders is one of the most popular automotive body shops in the country, known for its work on popular Indian cars. The shop has created some of the most remarkable projects over the years, and this time they have fully transformed this particular Toyota Fortuner Type 2. This Fortuner has been given a desert stormtrooper body paint along with a fully custom body kit.

The presenter and the owner of Autorounders start off by mentioning that a customer recently brought his Toyota Fortuner Type 2 to their shop. He then added that this customer did not want to go with the already-done Fortuner Type 2 to Legender or Lexus conversion. He stated that he wanted to create something totally unique and bespoke. He shared some of his ideas and wanted feedback from the shop on what new can be done on this popular SUV.

Following this, the video then shows that the owner of this particular Fortuner visits the shop and discusses what he wants in his car. The owner shares a picture of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 finished in a shade of desert storm sand color and adds that he would like to get that in a matte finish. Apart from that, he also shared some of his other opinions, and the shop then starts working on the car.

This Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with a custom body kit looks absolutely stunning [Video]

Moving on, going into the details of the project, the owner of the shop explains that over the years they have done a ton of custom jobs, like making body kits. He stated that before they had created a Lexus kit for the Corolla Altis, a Raptor Kit for the Ford Endeavour, and a Lexus kit for Innovas as well. But this time, this customer wanted something that has never been seen or done on a Toyota Fortuner. Following this, he explains that they do these types of projects as they take around 2-3 months. However, he added that the customer of this car offered them ample time, so they took on this project.

After this, the presenter showed the car getting disassembled and being fitted with a fully custom body kit. The video then shows the process that goes behind creating such a unique body kit. The owner of the shop can be seen many times tweaking the design of the kit and confirming the changes with the owner of the car. The car, following the fitment process, goes into the paint booth where it gets painted in the unique desert storm sand color with a matte finish. Post this, the car is then shown fully finished.

This Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with a custom body kit looks absolutely stunning [Video]

Following the completion of the project, the video shows a ton of beauty shots of the SUV. It also shows the car getting a ton of attention from people wherever it goes. Next up, the owner of the shop explains all the work that has been done to this SUV. He starts off by mentioning that this car has been given a fully custom body kit that has been created in-house by them. He mentions that the entire front fascia of the car has been reworked. He adds that they have custom-designed the front bumper with much larger air intakes and grilles and have given these black accents to set it apart.

He then mentions the main grille of the car, which has also been changed, and it has now been fitted with a custom grille finished in black. Additionally, the car has also been given a fully redesigned and much larger bonnet with a bigger scoop and air vents and a unique design. Following this, he mentions that the front and rear fenders have also been widened and have been given a riveted look to add to the rugged appearance of the SUV.

This Toyota Fortuner type 2 modified with a custom body kit looks absolutely stunning [Video]

Moving on, he shows the rear of the SUV and states that the rear bumper has also been fully redesigned. It has been given a much more pronounced and wider diffuser. He then adds that the rear and front have also been given custom aftermarket LED taillights and headlights as well. The presenter adds that everything except for the aftermarket wheels and tires has been done at their shop.