This truck driver father & son duo have a YouTube channel with over 5 lakh followers [Video]

In the past, we have featured many videos about cars and vehicles that were uploaded by vloggers and YouTubers from different parts of the country. In most cases, these guys have taken up YouTube as a full-time job and are making good revenue out of it. There are many YouTubers who travel through the length and breadth of the country with their family in their own vehicle. This is a life that many of us reading this article actually dream. Here we talk about the story of a truck driver who documents his life on video and uploads it on YouTube. Best part he has over 5 lakh followers.

Meet Rajesh, who is a truck driver by profession. He has a YouTube channel and he posts developments in his daily life on the YouTube channel. The channel goes by the name R Rajesh Vlogs. The channel was started by him one and half year ago. Since then, the channel has been subscribed by almost five lakh subscribers. Rajesh is not alone in his journies. The videos that are uploaded to Rajesh’s YouTube channel are actually shot by his son. He has two sons and they are the ones who encouraged him to start this channel.

This truck driver father & son duo have a YouTube channel with over 5 lakh followers [Video]

Truck drivers have a job that lets them travel across the country as part their job. The videos that are uploaded to his YouTube channel are recorded by his son who accompanies him on his trips. His son would record videos and images of interesting things that they come across during their journey. Even before the YouTube channel, Rajesh used to share images of interesting things that he spots on the road. That is how his sons encouraged him to start a YouTube channel of his own. It all started as a fun project but it has now become a routine where they shoot videos during the daytime and edit them at night.

It may sound very simple to you but it is actually not. Life of a truck driver is not simple always. In many places, trucks are not allowed to enter the roads during the daytime. So, Rajesh has to drive the truck at night and that means he has to compromise on his sleep so that he can reach his destination on time. As they are continuously traveling from one part to other, they don’t book motels or lodges to take rest. They cook, sleep and his sons study inside the truck only. They show how they buy the vegetables and ther necessary items to cook inside the truck in their vlogs.

Rajesh like many other truck drivers in the country is driven by his needs. He has to provide education to his children so that they can lead a better life. On the other hand, he also loves his job as it gives him the freedom to visit places that he would have otherwise not done. One of the favourite places where Rajesh likes to drive the truck is from Silchar to Meghalaya as the road has several waterfalls and beautiful scenery around.