This ‘vintage-style’ Royal Enfield motorcycle from EIMOR Customs will bewitch you

Hyderabad-based customization house Eimor Customs is known for turning Royal Enfields into beautiful vintage icons. The latest bespoke bike from Eimor, christened Allura, is proof of the custom house’s spellbinding work.

Eimor Customs Allura

The Allura is based on a 2013 Royal Enfield Desert Storm which did not have that many miles on the clock. The owner was having issues with the height of the bike which caused difficulties when manoeuvring the bike. The answer to the problems were smaller wheels and tyres and a redesigned look that bewitches anyone who lays their eyes on it.

The first task tackled was to make the seat height of the Allura more accessible for the owner. To fix the height issue, Eimor Customs fitted the bike with 16-inch spoked wheels that are wrapped in 120-section tyres. To balance out the size reduction of the wheels, Eimor has fitted the custom Royal Enfield with large fenders both at the front and rear, which give it an old-school look. The front fender also features a small plaque that is bolted onto it and features the owner’s name.

Eimor Customs Allura 2

Other changes up front on the Allura include a new smaller cycle headlight unit which features a black grille. The speedometer and the fuel gauge sit in a brand new housing and the Allura also features a taller handlebar. Also, the ignition has been moved to the oval box on the right side of the bike.

The sides of the fuel tank have been chopped off that enhance the looks of the custom bike and is finished in a beautiful blue paint scheme that is in a word, alluring. The fuel tank also features gold leaf inlay work which spells out the name of the custom bike – Allura.

Eimor Customs Allura 4

The seat of the Allura is mounted on springs which add to the vintage look of the one-off motorcycle. The spring-mounted seats will also improve comfort levels for those riding the Allura. The pillion also gets a grab rail at the rear that can double up as a backrest, though the lack of padding will be an issue.

The Allura’s Fenders, wheels, engine casing and side panels have been given a matte black finish, which provides a good contrast to the blue and gold fuel tank. The suspension setup and the springs for the seats along with the custom exhaust though are done up in chrome.

The blacked-out rear fender also plays host to the custom light for the rear. The custom circular brake light sits above the rear registration plate, while the smoky turn signals sit lower, mounted on either side of the fender. Also seen on the rear-end of the bike is the disc brake mounted on the rear wheel that should improve the Allura’s braking performance.

Eimor Customs Allura 12

Finishing off the Allura package for the owner is a custom helmet with a blue, gold and black colour scheme that mimics the colours of the custom bike.