This Volkswagen Beetle is actually a Maruti Swift

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle has been discontinued from the markets around the world. However, there are a few examples of the vehicle available in the used car market. Well, here is a Beetle inspired transformation job that looks pretty good and it is based on a humble Maruti Suzuki Swift. Here are the details.

The transformation job has been done by MAGNETO 11 based in Madhya Pradesh. In the past, the same garage has created a lot of extreme transformation jobs including a mini Gypsy. Nonetheless, this transformation looks quite good from every angle and the final product looks tempting too.

At the starting of the video, the work-in-progress can be seen. The donor car is the first-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift, which we believe was discarded by the owner.  The body of the Swift was removed completely and the new body was fabricated by them. As per the video, the whole transformation job takes around 10-12 days from scratch. The body of the vehicle is made out of heavy gauge sheet metal and it has been carefully folded and creased to give the final product.

This Volkswagen Beetle is actually a Maruti Swift

The car remains four-seater but it loses two doors now. The vehicle looks compact and gets original headlamps and tail lamps from  Volkswagen. As per the video, the headlamps and the tail lamps have been sourced from Volkswagen to give an original look to the vehicle and it does work pretty well. The cabin gets the stock Swift dashboard with black and red highlights. Also, touchscreen infotainment has been added to the vehicle. Moreover, to add a premium feel to the vehicle, it gets a push-start system but the key has to be inserted in the hole before starting. The engine of the vehicle remains the same. It is powered by the 1.3-litre diesel engine and nothing has been done to the mechanicals of the vehicle.

As per the video, this transformed Volkswagen Beetle costs Rs. 4.5 lakhs but the video did not mention if the cost of the donor car is included. The person who did the transformation job also said that they have done a similar transformation job on the last-generation Maruti Suzuki WagonR and they can do the same for any other vehicle if the owner wants. Apart from that, there is not much information available, especially about the RTO and if the garage helps to make endorsements on the Registration Certificate of the vehicle. It should be noted that this kind of modifications are not legal in India and any structural changes like these will require changes in the RC of the vehicle. In metropolitan cities like Delhi or Mumbai, such heavily modified vehicles can get seized immediately.