This Volkswagen Polo Petrol gets the GTI treatment, and it looks beautiful

Volkswagen Polo has a timeless design and it looks quite classy. The Volkswagen Polo seen here is 2011 petrol Polo, which originally gets a red body colour. However, the final product seen in the video is in white colour and gets a lot of add-ons, making the car look attractive and aggressive.

The vehicle seen here gets a lot of changes. Since the vehicle has been repainted in a different colour from the stock, necessary changes have been made in the Registration Certificate of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is not illegal. As per the Vinay Kapoor who uploaded the video, the vehicle gets all the endorsements on the RC that ensures the legality of the vehicle. The stock red paint of the vehicle has been removed and all the minor dents and scratches have been mended.

The final paint job on the vehicle is a matt white finish, which is quite rare in India. As per the video, the vehicle looks much better in person than the video. Since the vehicle is a 2011 model, it had the pre-facelift bumper, which has been upgraded to the new look. There is front canard mounted on the front bumper. To make it look cooler and more aggressive, canard braces have been put in place that have been painted in the Germany flag colour.

Another major change done to the exterior is the pre-facelift Audi A4-inspired headlamps, with integrated DRL. The headlamps get similar elements inside, which lit up quite as soon as the car starts. The projector headlamp LED headlamps are extremely good and the video also shows the throw of the lights in the dark. As per the video, the aftermarket Audi-inspired headlamps are plug-n-play units that do not require any splicing up of wire and hence, the warranty remains intact after installing them. Other changes in the front include a chrome-delete package that removes all the chrome from the vehicle’s front-end. The grille is from the high-performance GTI version and also gets red highlights with “GTI” badging.

From the side, the 2011 Volkswagen Polo gets a lot of changes too. With the repaint, the vehicle’s upper half gets black paint while the lower body receives the matte white paint. There are also side skirts installed on the vehicle that adds a very rugged look to the hatchback. It also gets rubber fender flares on all the wheel arches. The alloy wheels of the vehicle get all-black paint job while the brake callipers are in wine colour. The colour of the callipers matches the cabin theme of the car. At the rear, the car gets aftermarket tail lamps with LED lamps and all-black package that adds blacked out logos to the car. Other the changes on the outside include a roof-mounted spoiler.

This Volkswagen Polo Petrol gets the GTI treatment, and it looks beautiful

On the inside, the vehicle gets wine coloured seats and black and wine dashboard. Even the door trims get the same wine coloured inserts that make the vehicle extremely good. No changes have been done to the engine.