Three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh

Are you looking for the most spacious mid-size sedans within a budget of Rs. 10 lakh? Chances are you would be spending considerable time on the rear seat and would love to stretch out. Well, we’ve shortlisted the three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh, following up from our earlier list.

The criteria for the roomiest sedan is the amount of rear seat legroom a car offers as well as the boot space. We are not taking into account engine power, but are paying attention to ride quality. (See table for specs comparison)

Maruti Ciaz

Price: Rs. 7.17 lakh to Rs. 10.32 lakh

Three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh

The Maruti Ciaz is the new king when it comes to spacious sedans under Rs. 10 lakh. The Ciaz is a value for money mid-size sedan, available in petrol and diesel options. It has the longest wheelbase in its segment of 2650 mm, which has allowed Maruti to scoop out quite a lot of interior space. Rear seat passengers have ample legroom and can stretch out even with six footers in the front seat. The car is also fairly wide with not much intrusion into floor space from the transmission tunnel, allowing three passengers to sit side by side fairly easily. Also read: Maruti Ciaz review

Honda City

Price: Rs. 7.53 lakh to Rs. 11.84 lakh

Three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh

The Honda City is a favourite among mid-size sedans and currently the leader in sales. The car comes in petrol and diesel variants, which cater to diverse sets of buyers – the performance seekers and the fuel-efficiency seekers. Although the Honda City is the shortest in terms of length among the cars in this comparison, it has very intelligent packaging of space in line with Honda’s “Man Maximum, Machine Minimum” design philosophy. The rear seat is quite spacious in terms of legroom and headroom, but it is a tad narrower than the Ciaz in width. The Honda City and the Ciaz have identical boot space at 510 litres. Also read: Honda City road test and review

Nissan Sunny

Price: Rs. 7.40 lakh to Rs. 10.50 lakh

Three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh

The Nissan Sunny was at one time the most spacious mid-size sedan when it was launched four years ago, but the others have caught on to the Sunny’s “caaaar” game. However, the Sunny (and its badge-engineered cousin, the Renault Scala) continue to be among the most spacious mid-size sedans in India. The Sunny has incredible rear seat legroom, stretching nearly up to 990 mm, but is not that wide. It has an identical wheelbase to the Honda City, but boot space is a little smaller at 490 litres. Sales of the Sunny have taken a hit ever since the new City and Ciaz entered the market, as buyers looking for space see better value in those cars. Also read: Nissan Sunny diesel road test and review

Besides the above three, the Fiat Linea too offers a long wheelbase of 2603 mm and is as wide as the Ciaz at 1730 mm, but it is not as spacious inside compared to these three cars. The reason being, the Linea has a longer bonnet and shorter passenger cabin. It also has much thicker doors, which eat into interior space a bit. However, this would also make the Fiat Linea one of the safest cars in this comparison on its build quality.

Share your thoughts on which of these cars you would consider if you were looking to kick back and relax at the rear.

Three roomiest sedans under Rs. 10 lakh