Three-wheel Maruti Suzuki 800: Shortest Maruti 800 that you will ever see [Video]

Maruti Suzuki 800 is a legendary car that was discontinued after decades in production. There are many well-kept, resto-modded or well-maintained Maruti Suzuki 800s across the country. However, this car here is most extremely modified 800 that you will ever see. The modification job has been done for fun and it is not road-legal.

This modification job is done by MAGNETO 11, who have done pretty crazy modifications in the past. The video shows the complete process of the modification too. The modder cuts the car into half first from the chassis itself and then modifies the rear to install a tyre of a motorcycle. This is the only three-wheel Maruti Suzuki 800 that you will see in India.

Since the engine of the car is located at the front and it is a front-wheel-drive vehicle, cutting the car in half does not affect the vehicle’s working. The driver of this car makes the car go around in circles and drives it around without any problem. However, one should note that such modifications are not legal since it involves changing the car’s whole structure. Such modified vehicles can get seized by the cops for not following the rules.

The car shown here is not the final product as per the video. The person in the video says that he plans to make a mini Maruti 800 by shortening the wheelbase of the car. They are planning to modify the rear and then rejoin it to the car to make it look like a small Maruti Suzuki 800. We are not sure about the final product and when it will be ready but we sure will bring out the update.

Three-wheel Maruti Suzuki 800: Shortest Maruti 800 that you will ever see [Video]

Any structural modifications in India are not allowed because of safety issues. However, if you want to modify the vehicle and make it legal on the road, there is a long and tedious process. For making a modified vehicle road legal, you will have to get it tested by ARAI or ICAT to get its roadworthiness, after that the vehicle will be checked by the RTO before official registration. It is a long process and requires a lot of time and money too. There are many modification garages in India and off-roaders who own heavily modded cars. The police issue fine whenever they catch them but most of the times, they are let go since the cops do not pay much attention to the modifications. Do you think structural modifications should be legal in India? Do let us know in the comment section.

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