Three wild, modified Maruti Omnis from India

Maruti Omni was one of the most popular van that was ever on sale in India. It was in production for a very log time (over three decades). Omni was a commonly spotted van on our roads and was used for both personal and commercial purposes. Maruti had even launched a Cargo version of the Omni in the market. Maruti Suzuki discontinued this popular van from the market as it was complaint to the latest safety and emission norms. Although, Maruti has discontinued Omni from the market, there are still well kept examples of this van in several parts of the country. Here we have three Maruti Omni vans that have been modified interestingly.

Off-road Omni (Gymni)

Gymni 4

This is one of the first modified Omni vans that became popular or viral on the internet. The reason behind is quite obvious after looking at the van. The modification has been done by Indi Garage and Holyshift. They have completely transformed the omni and it looks like a vehicle ready to conquer any terrain. The Omni seen here is actually known as Gymni becasue it is an Omni using Gypsy parts. The body of the Omni was completely repaired.

Gymni 2

The Gymni gets modified front bumper with LED projector headlamps, auxiliary lamps and skid plate. In comparison to the stock Omni, Gymni is taller as it gets chunky looking off-road spec tyres and rims. The rear differential and the engine used in Gymi is from from a Gypsy. The whole car gets an external roll cage with a luggage rack on the roof. The rear door and the windows were all sealed using metal sheets. Overall, this modified Omni + Gypsy combination looks crazy.

Gangster Omni

Next modified example of Omni is from Carbon Automotive. Both exterior and interior of this Omni has been modified. On the outside, the stock bumper at the front has been replaced with custom made units. The whole car has been painted in black to give it a badass look. The blacked out headlamps now get projector units whereas the bumper gets LED turn indicators. The side profile of the car reveals the side skirt, aftermarket alloy wheels and the exhaust pipes are popping out from the side. The sliding doors have also been modified slightly.

To the rear, there is a custom made bumper with fake quad exhaust tips and the tail lamps are also LEDs. This Omni gets a customised interior too. The seats are all wrapped in red colour upholstery and the windows and floor panels are all painted in black just like the exterior. This modified Omni looks like a car directly from a gangster movie.

Lowrider Omni

Third example of modified Omni is from Kerala. The car belongs to Nikhil Kumar and is known as Project Stance van. The whole car gets a custom made body kit that gives it a low rider look. The front bumper gets a lip spoiler that is very close to the ground. The headlamps have been customised with Mustang like LED DRLs and so are the fog lamps. The side profile reveals deep dish alloy wheels and the body skirting gives it a lowrider stance.

A unique thing about this Omni is its door. The sliding door has been modified into gullwing doors. The ORVMs have been modified too. The rear bumper is also a custom made unit and it gets aftermarket LED tail lamps too. On the inside, the whole cabin gets a black theme and the whole car has been sprayed with a custom colour which enhances the look.