Thugs block and crash into Hyundai Venue SUV for attempting to overtake their motorcycle: Arrested [Video]

Road rage incidents are a global concern due to their potential danger, and just a few months ago, we witnessed a shocking incident of extreme road rage captured on a dashboard camera in Delhi. Now, a similar incident has unfolded in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The incident involved a Hyundai Venue and 3 two wheelers.

The incident took place on a newly constructed road connecting DSR Rivera and Varthur. The car’s dashboard camera footage reveals a group of young individuals engaging in severe road rage. The video begins with the Hyundai Venue driver attempting to overtake a two-wheeler and honking at them, which evidently provoked the riders.

In response, the two-wheeler riders began obstructing the Hyundai Venue’s path and deliberately slowing down. Eventually, the Venue driver came to a complete stop, and the riders positioned their two-wheelers in front of the Hyundai Venue. Another scooter rider approached from the opposite direction and deliberately collided with the SUV’s bumper. They also broke the windshield of the SUV.

One of the riders approached the SUV’s driver and attempted to open the driver’s door. In the recording, we can hear the driver expressing fear and apologizing. However, he gathered the courage to reverse his vehicle and proceed against the flow of traffic, eventually making a U-turn. The passengers in the car can be heard suggesting going to a police station as well. The rowdies even followed the SUV owner to his house and assaulted him.

The Bangalore Police have taken note of the incident and initiated an investigation. They have emphasized that such unruly behavior and hooliganism have no place under their jurisdiction. The police have sternly warned of severe consequences for such actions.

A few months ago, a similar incident happened in national capital of the country – Delhi. The victim’s car, equipped with a dashboard camera, recorded a distressing incident involving bikers on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles. The footage captures the bikers overtaking the car and subsequently forcing it to come to a halt. The video captures the harrowing moment when the victim is subjected to assault, with their pleas for release clearly heard.

Install a dashboard camera

Thugs block and crash into Hyundai Venue SUV for attempting to overtake their motorcycle: Arrested [Video]

Dashboard cameras are incredibly versatile tools that can effectively capture and document accidents and criminal activities occurring on public roads. The recorded footage serves as invaluable evidence, simplifying the process of filing insurance claims. Moreover, advanced dashboard cameras are equipped with motion-detection technology, enabling them to detect and record any attempts at tampering with the vehicle.

Investing in a dashboard camera is a wise decision as it enhances road safety and helps prevent potentially hazardous situations from escalating. Over time, dashboard cameras have proven instrumental in providing evidence for accidents and exposing various scams, such as staged accidents where individuals purposely throw themselves in front of vehicles to extort money from drivers. The presence of a dashboard camera offers protection and empowers drivers with tangible proof in such situations.

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