Tiago a sleeper hit for Tata: Here is why

Tiago a sleeper hit for Tata: Here is why

It’s been many years since Tata Motors scored a decent hit in the car industry here. After more than half a decade, Tata has bounced back with the Tiago, which is doing a consistent 4,000 units/month. The automaker is sitting pretty on more than 50,000 bookings, which means that these volumes can be sustained for many more months to come.

Tata Tiago

Our sources reveal that the Tiago’s numbers are limited mainly by production constraints at Sanand rather than lack of demand. Waiting periods of certain variants have now hit 4 months, another indication that demand is strong for the car. The Tiago may well turn out to be a long distance runner for Tata Motors as far as consistently good sales go.

Why is the Tiago winning?

The hatchback started out with a flash-bang price tag, undercutting the likes of the WagonR and Celerio, and is still maintaining it. Why, the Tiago Petrol (which starts at 3.2 lakhs) is even cheaper than the Alto K10 and the Hyundai Eon 1.0. The car’s diesel variant, which starts at 3.95 lakhs, is nearly a lakh cheaper than the Celerio Diesel.

Does it offer more than its competitors?

Tata Tiago Dashboard

It also offers better space, larger stance, more powerful engines and greater features. For example, the 1.2 petrol makes  84 Bhp-114 Nm and is yet more powerful than the Celerio Petrol, whose 1 liter motor makes 67 Bhp-90 Nm. The Tata car’s more fuel efficient, too.

With 240 liters, it has the largest boot in its class, and is wider and longer than the Celerio. Larger dimensions also help the Tiago be perceived as a bigger car, and this is something that many buyers look for.

Coming to features, the car gets an 8 speaker infotainment system. From navigation to voice control, the infotainment system does quite a bit, and is something that none of the Tiago’s competitors offer. The Tata car also offers multi-driving modes, a feature otherwise reserved for luxury cars.

Top 10

The Tiago has been on sale for a few months now and it has won the heart of many. When we drove it sometime back, (Read about it here: Link) we too were impressed by it. For the first time, the Tiago has managed to reach the top 10 spot in terms of sales, in what has been a very tough November month. The Tiago sold 6008 units last month is pretty good considering the demonetization that caused a stop to all purchases. What the Kwid has done for Renault, the Tiago has done for Tata Motors.

What more’s coming up?

Tata plans to introduce a sporty version of the car, dubbed the Tiago Sport. The car could have a 1.2 liter turbo petrol engine with over 120 Bhp on tap. The Tiago will then be India’s cheapest hot hatches, with a price as low as 5.5 lakh rupees. This variant could bring back enthusiasts into Tata’s fold, giving the automaker a new segment to cater.


Another interesting variants will be the AMT petrol and diesel. These cars will offer affordable-convenience and frugal-convenience respectively, at much cheaper prices than competition. So, buyers have a lot to look forward from the Tiago in the coming months.


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