Tiago EV is the last 1st-generation electric vehicle: Tata Motors MD

The Tata Tiago EV is finally here, and with its launch, Tata Motors has completed launching all the electric vehicles based on the Generation-1 platform. All the current electric vehicles from Tata Motors, like the Expres-T, Tigor EV, Nexon EV and Tiago EV are based on Tata Motors’ Generation-1 platform, which means that all of them are EV conversions of the existing platforms of the company’s ICE vehicles.

Tiago EV is the last 1st-generation electric vehicle: Tata Motors MD

The news has been confirmed by the managing director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles division, Shailesh Chandra to ACI. At the launch event, Shailesh Chandra confirmed that the Tiago EV is the last electric vehicle based on the Generation-1 platform. With this launch, the company is switching to the Generation-2 platform, which has more suitability and flexibility for all-electric powertrains.

The Tiago EV, Tigor EV and Nexon EV have sourced their basic mechanical architecture from their ICE versions, with Tata Motors replacing their internal combustion engines with battery packs and electric motors. It is a direct strategy which many carmakers have followed in their initial journeys of electrification, which has helped them step into the world of electric mobility without investing significantly.

According to Shailesh Chandra, Tata Motors has followed the strategy of electrification by evolving gradually, by converting its ICE vehicles into electric vehicles first. In the case of Tiago EV, the compact electric vehicle gets a custom split-battery pack which is positioned between the fuel tank space and boot floor. Under the hood, the 1.2-litre petrol engine is replaced by an electric motor, which powers the front wheels.

Upcoming Tata Motors EVs

Following their launches, the company is now moving to Generation-2 platforms, the glimpses of which we have already seen in the recent concept vehicles like Curvv and Avingya. The production version of these vehicles will arrive before 2025, which will also have both IC engines and all-electric powertrains. In the case of their all-electric versions, the battery packs will also be bigger.

While Shailesh Chandra has not confirmed the development around these new concepts, we believe that in all likelihood, the Generation-2 platform vehicles will include the production models of these concepts.

The Generation-2 electric vehicles might also include the all-electric versions of the existing vehicles like Altroz, Harrier, Punch and Safari. The much-talked-about Sierra EV is another possibility which can be based on this platform. Gradually, Tata Motors will also move to the Generation-3 platform, which will also feature flat floors and will spawn electric-only vehicles.

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