Tiger Shroff backflips over a speeding Ferrari: Says that’s how YOU WILL DRIVE after lockdown [Video]

Tiger Shroff is known for his eccentric stunts on the movie screens. The young actor has become popular as an action hero and has spent hours on perfecting his moves. The trained gymnast, Tiger Shroff has put a new video on the Internet saying that it is how people will drive cars after the lockdown.


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The video shows a speeding Ferrari 458 and Tiger facing the other side. The car speeds away while Tiger effortlessly does a backflip to avoid getting hit by the car. It is a scene from one of the Tiger Shroff movies. The video, which was uploaded on his official social media account has now got more than 2 million views.

He shared the video with the caption, “Good thing my spidey sense kicked in…. people driving around post quarantine be like.“. While Tiger Shroff fans have poured their love on the video through comments, it should not be tried at home as this is a stunt scene from a movie and has been done with precautions.

Most of the physics-defying videos that we see in the movies are done with precautions and safety net including harnesses. Many of these stunts are even done by professional stuntmen who practise such moves all their lives and do it to earn money. Attempting such moves at home without a professional to overlook, it can turn dangerous and may even cause grave injuries.

In movies, stunts are done to create drama and engage the audience. These stunts that defy the laws of physics are manipulated using various other things including Computer Generated Imaginary or CGI. Many youths get motivated by seeing such stunts in the movies and try to re-create it in the real-life, which causes grave injuries to them. In all, the stunts seen on the screen are done with extreme precautions and after ensuring top safety of the people involved in it. Next time you watch a movie with breathtaking stunts, do remember that these are done by professionals and are manipulated to look dramatic and arrest your attention.

Stunt driving or doing stunts of two-wheelers attract a lot of youths. However, it is illegal to do stunts on public roads. Cops often issue fines to such youths who try to drive cars recklessly or do a wheelie on the roads. If you want to develop your skill and try your hands on stunting, make sure that you’re in a proper gear first. If on a two-wheeler, wear a helmet, gloves, elbow protector, knee protector and boots. While trying to do a stunt in a car, more precautions are needed. It is always advised that a car with a roll cage should be used. Also, a helmet and four-point seatbelt are also seen as mandatory safety equipment.