Times Now reporter stands up through Kia Carnival’s sunroof at high speed [Video]

In India, if there is one car feature that is badly misused and not used for its actual purpose, it is the sunroof. We have seen many instances where people try to show off or ‘breathe fresh air’ by popping out of the sunroof of a moving car. However, a news reporter took things one step further by reporting a live incident while standing out of a sunroof of a moving Kia Carnival.

The incident was captured on live footage by a reporter of a reputed TV news channel, who attempted to cover an on-field incident for the viewers of the channel. In the footage, we can see the reporter standing on the seat of a Kia Carnival and popping out her head from the sunroof of the MPV. The Carnival was being driven simultaneously with a police convoy, which was carrying a high-profile gangster to a court.

Throughout the footage, the reporter tried to give a ground-up coverage of how the police were carrying the gangster from the jail to a court in Uttar Pradesh. The Kia Carnival tried to match the speed of the police convoy and drive in sync with it. Meanwhile, the reporter continued to pop out of the sunroof and provide the entire details.

However, while covering the incident, the reporter put her life at risk, as it is unsafe to stand and pop out of the sunroof of a moving vehicle. The entire event could have taken an ugly turn if the driver of the Carnival had suddenly applied the brakes or taken a sharp turn at a high speed. In such a case, the reporter could have fallen out of the vehicle or suffered from serious injuries like fractures, dislocation of any bone joint, or muscle rupture.

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Times Now reporter stands up through Kia Carnival’s sunroof at high speed [Video]

Many netizens have expressed their opinions on this post of the reporter standing out of the sunroof of the moving vehicle. While some are laughing at how journalism is being portrayed to the viewers, some are calling out the reporter for putting herself at risk and going against civic sense.

In India, popping out of the sunroof of a moving vehicle has become a common practice, with most people trying to show off the flamboyance of their vehicle by doing such things. Strict action against such people by traffic police is rarely seen, which appears to be the need of the hour, keeping public safety and decency in mind.

This is not the first time that a reporter has been spotted doing such antics. In the past, we have seen reporters doing such things on multiple occasions. However, no police action on them makes sure that they become repeat offenders and encourage others to do the same.

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