3 simple yet super effective ways to BOOST your car’s ground clearance

We all are well aware of the fact that the Indian roads are not the best ones in the world. Even with ongoing highway construction throughout the country and numerous measures taken to ensure road safety, we all come across rough patches, illegal speed-breakers and potholes. Well, most of the problems thrown by the road condition in India can be solved with good ground clearance and that’s why SUVs are gaining popularity. But can you increase the ground clearance in your existing vehicle? Yes, you can and here simple ways of doing that.

Coil spring assistors

Most cars in the market offer the coil spring type suspension. To increase the ground clearance in such vehicles, you can install assistors for the coil spring suspension. These assistors are made specifically with polyethene that is sturdy and rugged. These can last a lifetime. The assistors work using a very simple and basic rule. Whenever the car hits a pothole or a speed breaker at a high speed, the assistors come into play and ensure that the suspension does not bottoms out and hits the vehicle’s body.

Assistors also increase the ground clearance by 10 to 15mm, depending on the car. It is a significant increase and even when the vehicle remains fully-loaded with passengers and luggage, there is ample ground clearance with the assistors. The positioning of the assistors in the suspension is also quite important. If the assistor is placed on the top of the suspension, it generally acts on all kind of loads on the vehicles, similarly, in the middle, it works under a mild load and at the bottom it comes under a full load.

Can you install it in your car?

It is a pretty simple and easy installation and can be done at any local mechanic. Any vehicle with coil-spring suspension can get assistors.


Assistors can cost around Rs 5,000 for four units. They last about 50,000 km. However, it depends on the kind of roads you drive. If you drive often on rough patches, they may wear out quicker.

Anything else?

Installing assistors may void the warranty of the suspension if the service centre officials get to know about it. They are easy to install and remove, so you can remove the assistors before getting the vehicle into the service centre.

Taller tyres and rims

It is something that many car buyers change in their vehicles after getting the delivery. You can either use the combination separately or in combination to increase the ground clearance of the car. However, the stock tyre and rim size should be considered carefully while increasing the size of the rims and the tyres. Too big tyres and rims can put scratches on the wheel arches of the vehicle and can also reduce the turning circle of the car.

While increasing the size of the tyre from 185/55 to say 185/70, you will get extra sidewall width, which will increase the overall ground clearance of the car. When upsizing the rim from 14-inches to 15-inches, it also adds to the ground clearance. However, one should follow the upsizing rules and should stay within the limits. You can calculate how much you can upsize by visiting any tyre upsize website online.

Can you install it in your car?

All kinds of vehicles including a humble Tata Nano to high-end vehicles like Rolls Royce can get aftermarket rims and tyres. Always ensure that you choose high-quality rims as the wheels are extremely important and broken wheels can cause accidents.

How expensive?

Upsizing rims and tyres can be expensive, especially if you’re choosing alloy wheels. Try to upgrade when the current tyres need replacement and you can also sell the stock wheels of the vehicle.

Anything else?

Upsizing your wheels and tyres can again lead to warranty issues. You can always check with your service centre before making the move as many of them do not bother much. Upsizing can also affect the comfort of the ride, fuel efficiency and increases the error in the speedometer and odometer.

Stiffer suspension

Upgrading the whole suspension system is another choice. You can install stiffer suspension and keep the ground clearance the same. It helps by reducing the body roll of the vehicle and ensures that suspension does not bottom out during rough patches. A lot of manufacturers only make high-quality suspension like Koni, Bilstein and Tein. This upgrade is the sure-shot way of enjoying a damage-free ride.

Can you install it in your car?

Most cars get aftermarket suspension set-ups. While all the mass-segment cars, especially if the vehicle is unpopular may not get such options but most vehicles have the option.

How much do they cost?

Upgrading the suspension is the costliest choice of all the aforementioned options. You will need to spend a minimum of Rs 50,000 and if you choose the performance suspension set-up, you may even need to shell out a lot of money.

Anything else?

Aftermarket suspension is not generic and are available specifically for the cars. You will need expert help and expert advice while upgrading the suspension system.