Toll booth’s boom barrier falls on motorcycles during protest rally [Video]

In India, we often come across news where public or political parties are protesting against a decision taken by the government. To grab attention of the authorities, people often go for unconventional or unique protesting methods too. Bike and car rallies are common sight and are part of many protests that are organised. Recently in one such bike rally which was organised as part of a protest, several two-wheelers crashed into each other after toll booth barrier fell on a rider. The accident was recorded on video and this is how it happened.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. In this video a large group of people are seen participating in a protest. The protest was organised by fisherfolk in Thiruvananthapuram against Kerala government. As part of the protest, a bike rally was organised and during this protest around 2,000 people gathered with their vehicles. According to the report, the protest was lead by two-wheeler riders and behind them there were three-wheelers and four wheelers.

As the rally approached a toll booth, bike and scooters started crossing the toll without any issues. The toll barriers were lifted for easy passage of the protesters. Most of the riders were not wearing a proper helmet and as one of the scooter rider approached the toll gate, the barrier suddenly came down. The barrier fell of the rider and he immediately lost control. He hit another scooter that was right next to him and the others following the scooter rider immediately slowed down to avoid a pile up.  It looks like there was a lady who was sitting as pillion and she fell on to the road. The incident happened on Thiruvallam-Kovalam toll plaza. She and the rider were extremely lucky that the people coming from behind stopped their vehicles in time. If not, they would have suffered some serious injuries.

Toll booth’s boom barrier falls on motorcycles during protest rally [Video]

There is no clarity on how the barrier on just one toll booth came down. Other gates did not face this issue. The report does not mention if it was an error with the system or a human error. Three people were injured in the accident and two of them had minor injuries and the rider who was hit with the boom barrier on his head is still being treated at the hospital.

The rider and the pillion were lucky that the vehicles behind them stopped on time. Both of them were not wearing a helmet which is a must when you are riding a two-wheeler. There fisherfolks have been raising concerns about the construction of port in Vizhinjam. As part of the protest, they also made Adani Ports stop the construction work as the trucks and vehicles carrying construction material were unable to enter the construction site. People in the region are not happy with the way government is currently acting and the locals have been claiming that the government has allegedly ignored their demands and the new port would would put their lives at risk.