Tolls officials in Tata Sumo chase Wagon R taxi driver for non-payment of toll (Video)

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R chased by toll officials

The government of India provides construction companies with tenders to build roads and highways. These companies then recoup their costs by adding toll booths on their roads. Most of us who travel on these roads diligently pay the tolls because of the smooth roads that these companies provide and maintain. However, sometimes people do not pay the toll, and most of the time, they get away with their deeds. But on this particular occasion, a taxi driver who did not pay the toll was chased by the toll booth officials in a breathtaking car chase.

A taxi did not pay toll
by u/Construction1ne in CarsIndia

Recently, a video of the third-person perspective of this live chase was shared by a user on Reddit. The video starts off with a person showing a speeding Maruti Suzuki Wagon R hatchback on a highway, getting away from a Tata Sumo. The presenter then adds, “This is what happens when you don’t pay your toll. They chase you!” He then proceeds to show the daring maneuvers performed by the Wagon R driver and the Tata Sumo of the toll officials on the road with lots of traffic.

The exact location or the name of the highway has not been shared in the video. However, it can be noted on the signage that it says Pragati Maidan, which means it could be an outer highway of the national capital Delhi. In the first part, the Wagon R can be seen behind the Tata Sumo. It then tries to cut to the right side of the Sumo, but the Sumo driver keeps his foot on the accelerator, and both seem to be neck and neck. After a while, the Wagon R taxi driver tries to fool the Sumo driver by cutting to the extreme left lane and going towards the AIIMS route. But the Sumo driver also quickly maneuvers his vehicle towards that road.

Tolls officials in Tata Sumo chase Wagon R taxi driver for non-payment of toll (Video)

After this, both of the cars can be seen going to the extreme left side of the road. The presenter once again mentions that when you don’t pay tolls, this is how they chase. In the video, it can then be noted that officials from the Tata Sumo show the Wagon R taxi driver a stick to warn him. However, the taxi driver still does not stop the car and continues to move right and left in an attempt to avoid these individuals. Now, what happened afterward is unknown at the moment. But most likely, the officials might have caught the driver and his car due to heavy traffic in the city of Delhi.

Can toll officials do this?

Coming to the legality of this whole chase scene, this type of chase initiation by toll employees is definitely not legal. Both the Wagon R taxi driver and the toll officials were driving extremely recklessly on the road. Their actions were endangering the lives of other travelers on the highway. Most likely, both parties will be issued heavy fines by the traffic police department for breaking several laws during this situation. At the moment, there are no reports stating if any action has been taken against these individuals, but most likely, they will be arrested for their reckless behavior.