Tonight’s show: Night Rider, starring Ford Figo! We try light-painting the Ford Figo

How about a ‘light painting’ of the Ford Figo to add a bit of menace?

Everyone loves a car that is sleek, sophisticated and menacing. And since the Figo is miles from being even mildly menacing, we thought we’d streak this “propah” image with a layer of meanness.

ford figo light painting of car
How's that for an angry face? Photo by Avneesh Kumar

And with time and Figo at our disposal, we managed a makeover that verges on macho, even if we say so ourselves.

Nothing major, just some serious fooling around with a photography technique called light painting. A simple search on Google will enlighten you on what light painting is all about. In a nutshell, you keep the camera’s shutter open and use your torch as Darth Vader would his light saber. The camera records the trajectory of the light from the torch, and there you have an outline of the Figo, painted with light!

Oscar goes to Figo!

Cool, eh? Three hours are what went into creating this.

It might seem lightheaded, but we did manage to give the Figo an uncharacteristically mean streak!

Now don’t just stare and salute our genius! Flex your fingers on the keyboard. And, while at it, why not join in the fun and send us even more unusual Figo photos? We’re sure you can do better than us.

And here is a question for you: If you had the freedom to do something crazy with a Figo, what would you do? Let us know in the comments. Regular comments and questions are welcome, as always!