TOP 10 custom Royal Enfield motorcycles from Rajputana Customs

The year was 2010 and at that year’s Auto Expo, Jaipur-based custom bike builders Rajputana Customs burst onto the scene with a custom motorcycle based on the Royal Enfield 350, which looked like it wouldn’t be out of place at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. And while the custom house is no longer just concentrating on Royal Enfield-based bikes, it is what they are best known for. So let’s take a trip down memory lane to look at 10 of the best custom Royal Enfields made by Rajputana Customs.

Original Gangster

rajputana customs original gangster

The Original Gangster was the genesis moment for Rajputana Customs. Showcased at the Auto Expo 2010, this stripped-down bike was inspired by old-school street bobs and springer motorcycles.

Based on the Royal Enfield UCE 350, this custom motorcycle retains the original frame of its donor but everything else is custom built. Case in point, the naked handlebars, not a brake lever in sight, and a hand shifter for the gearbox.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 6.5 lakh


rajputana customs lightfoot

Based on the Standard 500, this hand-built masterpiece was built for actor John Abraham. Everything from the spoked wheels, girder-fork front suspension, custom handlebars, handmade fenders are custom built. Even the custom seat is hand-stitched.

Rajputana Customs have also made an internal throttle body to help increase the engine’s performance. The other major mechanical change is the single-side drum brake.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 6.5 lakh


rajputana customs nandi

Nandi is named after the bull mount of Shiva who also guards the gates to Mount Kailasa. The Nandi by Rajputana Customs was built from scratch for a soon-to-be-groom in 2010 and used an RE Classic 500 as the donor vehicle.

Highlights of the Nandi include a massive 23-inch wheel up front and a 300-mm rear tyre that would look normal on a big car. Other custom features include a flat handlebar with drop-down rear view mirrors, custom-rear fender and a twin-barrel exhaust setup. The paint job is a custom white-and-green affair.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 8.5 lakh


rajputana customs gulail

Built in the year 2013 over a period of six months, the awe-inspiring Gulail used a Standard 500 as the donor vehicle. The major talking point of this custom lightweight bobber is Koftagiri detail work (damascening Gold and silver into iron made famous in Rajasthan).

The Gulail is almost entirely hand-built. These handcrafted pieces include the springer suspension up front, crafted handlebars with weights on their ends, the bonkers gas tank, the housing for the electricals, fenders and the short tail. The seat is also a hand-stitched custom affair made from leather.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 10 lakh


Rajputana Customs chingari

In 2011, Rajputana Customs built a cafe racer for a customer over a period of three months. While RE has its own Continental GT cafe racer, the Chingari (spark in Hindi) started life as a Standard 500.

While the bike keeps its stock frame, the Chingari’s suspension has been lowered and it sits on a 5.00-16 Avon Speedmaster rear tyre. Other custom features include a detachable rear cowl that conceals the rear seat, a single headlight up front and rear indicators and brake light mounted under the cowl.

Rajputana Customs also tweaked the wire harnesses as the starter key and the amp meter have been moved into the toolbox. The bright yellow-and-black paint job is inspired by Yamaha’s old racing colours, though the yellow was requested by the owner of the bike.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 3.5 lakh


Rajputana Customs aghori

Built in 2012, Aghori is one of the simpler yet most stunning custom jobs by Rajputana Customs. The Aghori started life as a Classic 500 but has morphed into a custom bobber that is extremely pleasing to look at.

The Aghori has a springer front suspension with a monoshock at the rear. The custom Royal Enfield also features airbrushed detail work on its custom body panels by Tool Head Customs in Mumbai and massive rear tyre. Other custom features include a chopped rear fender, a 1-into-2 custom exhaust and tall handlebars with drop down rear view mirrors.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 7.5 lakhs


Rajputana Customs 937

The 937, built in 2013 over a period of six months, is a thing of beauty. This beautiful black bobber started life as a Classic 500 but with its enchanting looks, it would feel at home at a classic motorcycle event.

Custom touches include the springer front end, the minimal headlight, the simply sinful teardrop shaped fuel tank, and the hand-built dual seats. Other changes include spoked wheels fitted with fat tyres, the black paint job with gold coloured detailing and a custom exhaust setup.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 6 Lakh


Rajputana Customs assualt

Probably the wackiest custom job on this list, the Assault started life as a Classic 500 but has morphed into a cross between a board tracker racer and a chopper.

Custom design tweaks on this Assault include a double barrel headlamp, an LED tail lamp, custom handlebars, an upside down fork up front, new spoked wheels fitted with fat tyres. The Assault is finished in a military green-esque paint job.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 4.25 lakh


Rajputana Customs kaali

The Kaali, which was built over a period of six months in 2013, started life as a Classic 500. After the build period was over what emerged from the shop floor of Rajputana Customs, is a custom chopper that makes jaws drop wherever it goes.

Everything except for the engine is custom-built from the bespoke frame that forms the spine of the bike to the matte black paint job along with the springer front suspension, spoked wheels fitted with a taller front tyre and a massively wide and low one at the rear and finally, the low-slung seat.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 8.5 lakh

RE-500 Cafe Racer

Rajputana Customs re-500 cafe racer

A newer take on the cafe racer, the RE-500 Cafe Racer was built in 2015 over a period of 3 months. The RE-500 features a minimalistic approach to design, which makes it look lean and race ready.

The RE-500 Cafe racer gets a custom fuel tank, chopped front and rear fenders, a chopped seat suitable to carry only one person, spoked wheels, and a custom rear indicator and taillight setup. Mechanical upgrades include upside down front forks, monoshock rear suspension, an aftermarket air filter and a custom exhaust setup.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 5.75 lakh

RE-500 Tracker

Rajputana Customs re-500 tracker

The RE-500 Tracker was built in 2016 over a period of 12 weeks with a Standard 500 acting as the donor bike. The RE-500 Tracker gives the Standard 500 the look of a scrambler bike and is quite lighter than the regular Standard 500.

Changes include custom body panels, a wider handlebar with adjustable levers, a smaller headlight, raised and chopped front and rear fenders, and a long single seat. Other changes include telescopic front forks with protective rubber covering them, rear suspension from the Continental GT, drilled foot pegs, custom tyres on spoked wheels and an engine protector.

Price (excluding donor bike) : Rs 4.25 lakh