Top 5 Reasons Why Vitara Brezza Petrol Is a Great Buy!

Maruti Suzuki launched the hotly anticipated Vitara Brezza with the powerful new 1.5 liter K-Series petrol engine earlier this year and right from the word go, the SUV has made its mark by selling in impressive numbers. What is it that makes the Vitara Brezza Petrol so attractive to buyers? Well, here are 5 great reasons.

#1 India’s only sub-4 meter SUV with a BIG 1.5 liter-4 cylinder petrol engine

Top 5 Reasons Why Vitara Brezza Petrol Is a Great Buy!

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is the only SUV in its segment to offer a 1.5 liter-4 cylinder petrol engine. The punchy yet refined K-Series petrol engine makes 105 PS and 138 Nm, which is more than ample for both city and highway driving. The sheer size of the engine and the four-cylinder layout means that it’s powerful and unstressed at all rpms.

High refinement levels is another hallmark of this engine. The engine comes equipped with Smart Hybrid technology. This makes the Vitara Brezza Petrol the only car in its segment with Smart Hybrid technology, which also has a big role to play in the car’s outstanding fuel efficiency.

Fuel efficiency is important for buyers in this segment. The Vitara Brezza Petrol delivers the best mileage figures across all sub-4 meter SUVs sold in India. According to ARAI, Brezza Petrol returns a mileage of 18.76 kilometers per litre for the automatic variants.

#2 Loaded with technology that works and features that last

Top 5 Reasons Why Vitara Brezza Petrol Is a Great Buy!

The Vitara Brezza Petrol has everything that you’ll need for a safe and comfortable driving experience in different road conditions.

On the outside, the Vitara Brezza gets the full LED treatment. From the headlamps and DRLs to tail lamps and fog lamps, every lighting fixture on the Brezza Petrol is LED. This ensures great brightness and visibility.

The wing mirrors can be folded with the touch of a button, ensuring that you can get through the tightest of gaps in city traffic. There’s also an array of safety features, including the Suzuki TECT platform, dual front airbags, ABS, speed alert, seat belt reminder, hill hold assist and reverse parking camera to ensure safe driving at all times.

Fatigue is also taken care of with the Cruise Control and automatic air conditioning. Keeping your co-passengers entertained throughout the journey is the SmartPlay touchscreen infotainment unit that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and handles your navigation seamlessly.

The spacious boot and the 60:40 split for the rear seat play their part to make the Vitara Brezza spacious and practical while the cooled glove box will keep your beverages cool. Other thoughtful features include a sunglass holder and rain-sensing wipers.

So, as you see, the Vitara Brezza Petrol offers everything that’s needed in a SUV meant for the 21st-century buyer, that too without unnecessary frills that can impede long-term reliability.

#3 Styling that pleases all

Top 5 Reasons Why Vitara Brezza Petrol Is a Great Buy!

Styling is a tightrope that car designers routinely have to walk, especially when tasked with making a good-looking car even better looking. It helps that the Brezza was designed as an SUV from ground-up, and not derived from a smaller car. In fact, the Brezza shares its TECT platform with the larger S-Cross, thus giving it not only great space on the inside, but also a butch stance and generous proportions.

The Vitara Brezza Petrol manages to retain its wickedly good looks but has enough chrome and subtle styling touches to appeal to the masses.

These include the sharply raked Projector Headlamps with Daytime Running LEDs, Precision-cut Alloy Wheels, The Bold Front Grille, the high bonnet that maintains the essence of an SUV giving it stronger road presence, and, of course, the right amount of chrome.

The dual-tone paint schemes round it off really well, elevating the exterior appeal of the Vitara Brezza Petrol. All in all, this is one SUV that everyone – young or even the young at heart – will love to be seen in.

#4 Reliable – and backed by India’s best service network

A ship is safe in a harbour but that’s not what ships are designed for. Likewise, the Vitara Brezza is a SUV that encourages you to drive out and explore. Reliability, body strength, and after-sales service will be the least of your concerns.

The Vitara Brezza Petrol plays to its traditional strengths that all Maruti Suzuki cars are highly acclaimed for: long-term reliability. That’s also why the car uses tried and tested technology and features that work well for a long, long time.

The platform on which the car is built is another big plus. The Suzuki TECT body of the Vitara Brezza is made of high tensile steel, which has proven to be strong and safe for occupants in Global NCAP’s safety rating test. Long drives in utmost safety? Check.

Last but not least, the Vitara Brezza Petrol is backed by Maruti Suzuki’s nationwide service network, which you will find even in the frigid heights of Leh. How many car makers can claim that? On the last count, Maruti Suzuki had 3,864 service centres across the length and breadth of India. Unmatched is the word, and we’ll stop here.

#5 Value for money is the Vitara Brezza’s middle name

Top 5 Reasons Why Vitara Brezza Petrol Is a Great Buy!

Buying a car is one thing but maintaining one over an extended period of time is where the real challenge is. The Vitara Brezza shines in this regard as it is not just affordable-to-buy but is also affordable-to-run in the long term.

While it’s a champion in fuel efficiency – topping the ARAI mileage numbers with 18.76 Kmpl* – the affordable price (starts from Rs 7.34 lakh) makes it accessible to a wide swathe of buyers. This is the main reason why the Vitara Brezza is so popular.

Finally, like many other Maruti Suzuki cars, the Vitara Brezza Petrol is likely to have great resale value.

All these factors come together to make Maruti Brezza a great value-for-money option, not just in terms of the outright purchase cost but also across the ownership cycle.

So there you have it, 5 great reasons why everyone’s buying the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Petrol.